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Looking for top players on ps4

Hey I'm recruiting for my club. We been first overall for a couple years in 15 and 16. We're looking to be competitive again this year. If you're a top player and want to join let me know. Right now we play 3s with g but looking to recruit so we can roll 6s. Leave your PSN and your club stats with +/-


  • This might be a little late, but I'd be interested in your club. I played for a couple top 150 clubs last year as a RW but can also play some RD. So far I've played both in 18 but can't seem to find a consistent club. Right now I'm at about 1.8 points per game against CPU goalie. PSN is DrFurryNips if you're interested
  • Hey, I am an experienced two way Centre who was in a div one club last year and won 4 straight elite cups. Had a high faceoff percentage and am a playmaker and can finish. I cycle and backcheck consistently. Have not played much nhl 18 cause my team gets on too late 11:30pm EST. I am a university student so I cannot start so late. hmu if you're interested
    PSN: Capt_Dano91
  • Add me psn is same as my tag
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