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Auto Zoom in Online Play

So, just got 18 today, after I promised I wouldn't. My biggest gripe with 17, was that the camera auto zoomed on my player whenever I had the puck. I have Auto Zoom turned off. I have a fixed camera selected. Now, I have the same problem with 18. It makes me very angry, as I cannot play any forward position. The camera zooms in ridiculously, and I have no control of what it shows me. Why in the world would EA mess with something so basic? I've used the same camera settings for a decade. The only way I can play now is to play D and dish the puck off as soon as I get it. I know people had this issue last year, and it never got patched for me. Anybody else have this issue? I'm going to stop payment on the game if it isn't finally fixed. I'm really frustrated that this is still an issue.
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