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Online Versus Matchmaking Bug

Randomly, online versus will get caught in a loop while searching for a match. The circle will be spinning and it will say looking for a match, but will never find a match or will not give a failure to find a match notice with the retry/cancel like it normally does.

The way to see if this loop has occurred is by hitting the B button (or circle on PS4) and if it goes directly back to the team select button, loop has not occurred; if it has occurred, it will give the warning message, Do you really want to exit?. OK/Cancel. Clicking cancel continues the endless loop search, and clicking OK returns you back to the top level online versus menu, forcing you to then return to the team select menu and have to set up all your lines and strategies again.

This would not be a big deal if Lines and Strategies were saved when returning to the top level menu. Saving lines and strategies to the top level menu would also be very useful if you ever want to check your recent games or leaderboards after a game without having to set your team up again.

Online Versus mode matchmaking will occasionally will report "Connection to the other player has been lost" before the leading screen and as soon as you press ok, it returns you the top level Online Versus mode menu, again requiring you to set up lines and strategies.

Has anyone else noticed the searching for match loop in other game modes?

If you have experienced this bug at all please leave a reply!


  • This bug is annoying and it seems after your second game its more likely to get held up.

    Their are a few others bugs exactly like this, for example in the EASHL select player build and jersey's.

    Which ever team ready's up first, then the other team picks a new jersey, the first team then has to re-ready up but they cant. They then get prompted to select a new jersey which usually is Anaheim.

    Hopefully these get addressed can be really annoying.

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  • This bug still exists in the latest update. It's possible that the game just gets hung up when it's trying to connect to someone with a poor connection, and rather than failing right away, it just loops repeatedly trying to connect.

    Regardless, we should not be forced into the top level Versus menu when this happens, forcing a reset on line changes and strategies.
  • Another update, still no fix. Has anyone figured out any tips or tricks to avoid this from happening?
  • This is not a gamebreaking issue.If it is not fixed already then try to live with it till nhl19 because it want be fixed anymore.
  • The connection to player is lost is because a player backs out while the game is loading. The player is getting yellow bars so he has to close the app and restart the game. Last year u could just back out with the circle button
  • Yeah....hate this bug.
  • This is still going on. I have noticed that when this happens your lines are ALWAYS reset to default. Sometimes your strategies are still how you set them though. Here is another thing that maybe the devs can use to figure this out better. Sometimes your strategies are not the default ones AND they are not how you set them. They are set up totally different, almost like your opponent's strategies somehow became yours in your settings.

    Either way it is really freaking annoying having this happen all the time because it's not just a once-in-a-while thing. It's an all-the-time thing.
  • this is absolutely a thing and the devs know about it AFAIK.
    Lately I just dont bother setting up strategies or lines.As it just become too painfull to set up every time.I just improvise :D.Makes you think more then just blindly follow your one strategy.I also change teams often.It sucks but I adopted.I am just 540 CR
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