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jersey #..player movement

Im making my own roster (to play offline gm)and one thing i notice ,
is when you move a player from the ahl to their nhl team their jersey # are always mix up or the cpu give that player the #1 jersey ..so a foward with the #1 is pretty weird
and by the way EA why not unlock the favorite jersey # option in your next patch
because that whole number mixed up thing..take away a good and fun experience
and i guess it should be pretty easy fix...



  • Unbelieveable that they didn't fix this #1 issue already. It's in since NHL 15, and still annoying.
  • EA is a joke they don't care about anything what the gamers say. Its all about the money for them, same **** every year. Meanwhile FIFA is like the best sports game out there. Sad
  • Idk, rocket league and counter strike are pretty good sports games. Unless you don't consider esports a sport.
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