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Preset Game Settings - Competitive v Full Sim



  • NHLDev wrote: »
    I find Full Sim and All Star to play the best overall and would tweak individual sliders for certain elements. When you play Be a Pro on the real time setting, it defaults to Full Sim already I believe.

    But a lot of people playing offline tweak sliders to their liking as there are a lot of different opinions on what is realistic and/or fun to play. In most cases you would want to keep the sliders exactly the same for CPU/HUM to keep things balanced but whatever works best for you.

    All Star and Full sim is probably the best overall, but this year as compared to last year the stats are very bloated on a game to game basis.

    Yes, there is a good tempo and back and fourth nature, but using the default settings (which is 10 minute periods) I barely have games with either team having Shots on Goal under 40 per game (NHL average is 29). The goals are too high to often, and I don't think I've seen a shutout yet.

    Penalties don't exist. I was probably taking the most penalties with tripping calls, but as I've adjusted, and realized that yes, I can get the puck loose from cpu, but it will just go right back to them, so poke checking is kind of useless, I don't take too many penalties anymore.

    The contrived nature of loose pucks favoring the offense is ruining this mode. I thought is was supposed to be Full Sim? Last year was better, what happened?

    Yes, I know there are sliders, but I'm trying to give things time to see if they average out (which it's not even coming close), and isn't the game supposed to be tuned to be within reason within the default parameters? What's more, if I continue to lower the clock time, there may not be any penalties!

  • NHLDev
    1680 posts EA NHL Developer
    I actually found 8 minutes to be the right length even last year. In the end, it depends on your own personal skill and how you play the game. As you said, that is why the sliders are there and most serious offline players take what we have out of the box and do what they think is best for them on top of that. With the amount of ai changes made this year, it makes sense that Full Sim would need a deeper look to really dial in and get something even closer stats wise.

    If you put the periods to 8 minutes and increase the penalty sliders do you get closer to what you are after?
  • I use 8 mins for my sliders. I'm getting pretty decent stats. One question though, what does AGGRESSION slider actually affect? Feels like when I raise it, the CPU scores more at will. Seems to have more affect than last year...
  • BeatleBoy74
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    I got a question. I'm always checking everyone, I'm Canadian lol and always lead the league in hits. What can I do to the slidders to have the A.I. opponents be just as gritty?
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