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HUT Lag - Fixed in my lifetime?

Got the game on release day, played around and got to grips with it. Pretty cool deking, decent soundtrack and I really like the HUT challenges.

It all went well until I got to actually play people online. It's still the same laggy ****-show that it's been for the last four years. Geography dictates the result and it's quickly clear who will win each game. In my case (being in the UK) I can't play anyone in Scandinavia at all as the 'mud skating' seems amplified.

I messed around for a while in one game and realised the dekes are dead. I literally didn't pull off a single windmill deke without overskating the puck. Faceoffs were 1-26 and the one I won was where he pulled early. I lost 11-0. After some discussion with the guy we played vs where he beat me 2-1 (no issue, he was a good player). The game play was light years apart.

I actually ended up giving away my team. Gave the guy Tavares, Suter, Wheeler, Weber as I'm already done with HUT and will stick to EASHL. Incidentally EASHL plays like a dream and is pretty slick throughout.

Funnily enough I got NHL 17 for free after escalating my complaint through EA Head Office and demonstrating the ****-poor nature of gameplay against Scandinavian (mainly Finnish) players. HUT was equally as terrible on 17 but as it was a freebie I couldn't really complain.

I'm really not sure how the technical team still have a job. If any of my employees repeated the same critical mistakes and failed to fix the same errors repeatedly, we'd part ways and I'd find someone capable to replace them. There's not really a point to this post I guess, just wondering if we'll ever see a version of HUT made that mirrors the same level of online play we get in other play modes. I just can't figure out why they'd make the money-maker so utterly shagged that people go to play non-profitable modes instead.
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