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Online VS PS4 face-off loop

All weekend I was trying to play some casual online VS games to get the hang of the new controls. It took forever to find an opponent(s), and when I finally did play against others that the game would glitch. It goes to the face-off, a few seconds passed, and we we doing the face-off again. Same thing after that, a few seconds pass and it is back to the face-off circle again. Over and over till someone quits. So, there are like no people to play against and when an online match is found then the game loops. What the heck is going on???


  • And I also forgot to mention the time jumps. The game freezes a lot then goes into super fast mode for a few seconds to catch up. This whole online experience leaves a lot to be desired.
  • That is the game desyncing. Meaning what the server says you should see and what you see are not in sync. It happens in a few games although most of them tend to be early access. Unfortunately this has been an ongoing issue with the NHL games for at least the last 6 years.
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