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  • rokaru8 wrote: »
    rokaru8 wrote: »
    MS Ovechkin | MS Stamkos | totw. P. Kane
    Evo Laine | Tavares | totw Kucherov
    MS Wheeler | Evo Matthews | Tarasenko
    Scheifele | Rookie McDavid | Marchand

    totw Doughty | Hedman
    totw Subban | Evo Werenski
    totw Byfuglien | Evo Gostisbehere


    RS | DZ | FS | PP | TN

  • rokaru8
    186 posts Member
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    rokaru8 wrote: »

    MS Ovechkin | MS Stamkos | totw P. Kane
    Evo Laine | Evo Matthews | totw Kucherov
    MS Wheeler | totw Tavares | FF Hischier
    Scheifele | Rookie McDavid | Evo Marchand

    totw Doughty | Hedman
    totw Subban | Evo Werenski
    totw Byfuglien | Evo Gostisbehere


    RS | DZ | FS | PP | TN


    FF Hischier is a great Card! Only 85 but holy ****...

    Next on my list: Evo Price

    But want ho check the new evos first.
  • vandekk
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    edited November 2017
    Updated team:

    93 LGD Bossy - 92 LGD Sakic - 92 LGD Bure

    90 TOTW Stamkos - 91 LGD Sittler - 92 LGD Modano

    90 FB Kurri - 90 HERO Linden - 90 FB Gaborik

    94 MOV McDonald - 92 LGD Messier - 92 LGD Recchi

    92 EVO Ovechkin - 92 LGD Niedermayer

    90 HERO MacInnis - 92 LGD Lidstrom

    89 EVO Burns - 91 LGD Gonchar

    93 LGD Brodeur

    79 Jarry

    Player Synergies: Rocket Skates, Fine Shooting, Clutch Player

    Team Synergies: Locker Room Leaders, Silky Smooth, Thread the Needle

    Might sit on this team for a while, wait and see which EVO cards are released in the coming weeks. 1.85 million coins in the bank.

  • ^^^ wow man
  • 88 Ovi - 90 Crosby - 88 Malkin

    Evo Laine - Legend Sittler - Evo Matthews

    88 Stammer - Master Cullen - 88 Kuch

    Legend Shanahan - FO 88 Toews - Hero Nash

    Evo Subban - Legend Pronger

    Totw 89 Doughty - Legend Bourque

    Hero Macinnis - Evo Ghost

    Primetime Matt Murray - Silver Scrub with 2 S

    RS CP BM FS - S TN
  • IAmTheNizz
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    edited November 2017
    FB Kurri-Legend Messier-Legend St. Louis
    Ovechkin-Legend Koivu-McDavid

    Karlsson-Legend Bourque

    Bobrovsky in net.

    Another updated roster.
  • Heatly. Zetterberg90. Kurri90
    Macdavid89 toews88. Stamkos88
    Malking88. Matthews 87. Tarasenko87
    Leino84. Johanson86. Kessel86

    Lidstrom. Karlson
    Gonchar. Subban
    Carlyle. Letang

  • Bucyk (souvenir)-bergeron-tarasenko



    Anyone can give me any advice of strategies to use ?
    And what can i had to my team to improve my goal equity.

    My synergies are CV and AA. PP BT FF.
  • @matthieumcneil

    You asking for an adivce with THAT Team ??? Are you kidding me or anyone else ? Your Team is pick packed full of Heroes.

    Maybe you spent hundreds of bucks into coins to get packs to get those Players. With those you CAN´T fail !!!

    From 10 Games i loose 9 and i have not even half of those Players and i m not up to to spent more Money on stupid packs. From what i see so far is if you wanna Play in upper rank you Need those Players that you already have but then u Need no more advice !!!

  • There's no strategies to using any team. Just gotta be good at the game.
  • One thing I've noticed over the years.. I've played insanely stacked teams and dominated them.. and have lost to much less talented teams. At the end of the day, some people can make up for lack of skilled players with their play. Most can't.. but some can. Top players don't compensate for not being good at the game. I build a lineup based off my style of play. My style of play is speedy as humanly possible. So the slowest forward on my team I believe is Bergeron at 87.
  • IAmTheNizz
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    edited November 2017
    Well.. another change.

    FB Kurri-Legend Messier-Legend Bure
    Ovechkin-Legend Koivu-Legend St. Louis

    Karlsson-Legend Bourque
    Doughty-Legend Lidstrom

    Carey Price in net.

    Another updated roster.
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  • Panarin - Getzlaf - McDavid

    Seguin - Bäckström - Tarasenko

    MOV Nystrom - Giroux - Hall

    Marner - Duchene - Draisaitl

    Weber - Ekman-Larsson

    Pietrangelo - TOTW Brodie

    TOTW Larsson - Josi

    EVO Talbot - Wells

    Nothing major but a fun team to play with.
    Always win sometimes lose.
  • habs92
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    I never share my team because it’s usually bad since i never buy packs but i’ve been really lucky so far this year so i’m proud of my team.




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  • LGD Bossy-LGD Messier-LGD Bure
    FB Kurri-LGD Koivu-LGD St. Louis

    Karlsson-LGD Bourque
    Doughty-LGD Lidstrom

    Carey Price in net.

    People can now see the evolution of my team over a short time span.
  • Here's the current squad

    94 McDonald 92 brindamour 92 recchi
    90 kurri 92 messier 89 heatley
    Evo Leine 90 Zetterberg 89 mcdavid
    Nolan 88 Toews 90 gaborik

    Lidstrom evo burns
    Gonchar evo subban
    Carlyle 90 MacInnis

    Kolzig Vernon

  • Ms Stamkos - sittler - Bure
    Sullivan - FB Messier - LGD Koivu
    Marner - Bergeron - Totw Matthews
    Rookie Eichel - FF Hischier - Zetterberg

    Hero MacInnis - Gonchar
    Weber - Hedman
    Letang - Evo Werenski

    63 ov guy for synergies
  • **Sitting on about 700K**

    (94)McDonald - (90)LaFontaine - (92)Modano
    (93)Bossy - (91) Sittler - (92)Bure
    (85)Clutterbuck - (92)Sakic- (92)Recchi
    (90)Kurri- (87)Bergeron - (90)Bucyk

    (89)Karlsson - (92)Lidstrom
    (91)Boyle - (92)Niedermeyer
    (88)Subban(EVO) - (91)Gonchar

    Bronze Goalie

    Silky Smooth
    Thread the Needle
    Locker Room Leaders
    Fine Shooting
    Rocket Skates

    **And currently 7/10 for CW**
    *** Clutterbuck was a temporary card as I hunt for Evo Ovi, but he is actually performing extremely well, super fast, solid shot.. 18Points/21Games***

  • LGD Bossy-LGD Messier-LGD Bure
    FB Kurri-LGD Sittler-LGD St. Louis
    Ovechkin-LGD Koivu-McDavid

    Karlsson-LGD Bourque
    Doughty-LGD Lidstrom

    Carey Price in net.

    Slight change at 2nd line center as I added Sittler and then moved Koivu down to 3rd.
  • Finch1965
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    edited November 2017
    I have almost completed my anual goal to built a team with MOV/EVO players only.

    EVO Ovechkin - EVO Crosby - EVO Kucherov
    SOTM Stamkos - EVO McDavid - EVO Matthews
    EVO Laine - EVO Bergeron - EVO Marchand
    EVO Aho - EVO Malkin - EVO Tarasenko

    LGD Lidstrom - EVO Karlsson
    EVO Gostisbehere - EVO Burns
    EVO Werenski - EVO Subban

    EVO Price - Bronze Synergie Guy

    TN/S/LL/RS/DZ/FS activated

    Looking forward to include EVO Stamkos and one more LD. Other than that I think I have enough fire power and potential for further upgrades, so I need to blame myself when I loose a game.
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