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Win Lose or Draw...How is this fun, Devs?

Play on Allstar or superstar offline against the cpu, win lose or draw, and the cpu can answer any goal just by putting any shot on net. Not only do they get super puck powers and don't take penalties, but when ever they need a goal, they can just conjure up a low percentage shot for an equalizer or a go ahead.

I mean, once you except the fact that you can't break up plays, because the puck will just magically go to another opposing cpu player, and you try and play a patient game and take away shots from the middle, you run into 2 problems: 1. you're teammates go into stupid mode, and 2. cpu can score with players literally facing the wrong way and out of position. The puck has eyes as they say.

The game is not difficult. You haven't made a challenging "hockey" game. You've made a contrived pile of dung. Proper feedback for the player to make adjustments by what he/she is seeing is completely misaligned (at least after learning how to play). The player isn't making mistakes, the player is just getting screwed. And even when the player wins, it feels hollow, and not rewarding at all.

What's more? Some of the camera angles in True Broadcast are ridiculous. Some of the perspectives are so foreshortened it's literally impossible to tell what's going when you combine that with brain-dead AI logic and terrible player switching.

Bump the play style up from competitive to full sim, and curb job experience is exponential.

Win, Lose or Draw, the NHL series is a terrible experience and I haven't even ventured online yet to deal with the server issues. I've had this game for 4 days and I'm more than sick of it. I'm sick of knowing I'm going to get bent over because you put your resources into the hype machine rather than the AI.

Hype sells more than quality? I guess so. You've been doing it successfully for years now, so what do I know.


  • I've definitely experienced the rubber band AI this year more than last. However, I think there are sliders affecting this that might not seem logical.

    Example is if you put pass accuracy down to 4, the pass accuracy % is still around 80 after the game.
    However, if you lower pass reception, it does lower the pass accuracy %. But on the down side, it makes your players look like a bunch of pee-wee hockey players who can't keep the puck on their stick. It seems to be more "give or take" this year.

    The goalies on All Star are basically Superstar again. It's unfortunate, but EA decided to concentrate on "Three's mode" and playing with mascots and rewards that mean nothing anywhere else, instead of AI game play.

    The best route, is to take videos of your experiences and issues. Post them online and hopefully EA will pay attention and address those.
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    CPU "cheat" is pretty strong this year.

    Though the AI has improved in some ways ie the cpu wont just dump on the PK anymore, won't auto dump once getting into the neutral zone ... it still really p's me off when I get a penalty every time I knock a stick out of the guys hands and take a penalty but will never get a PP on the other foot.

    It also drives me bonkers how I can stick lift the CPU and he gets it's back almost instantly but when he stick lifts me my guy gets stuck in the "Danny Heatley waiting for a one timer" animation and CPU just skates away hunky dory.

    Same with big hits. I can Scott Stevens/Paul Kariya a guy then the CPU just gets up and skates away while my guy can't puck pickup if his life depended on it ... but the CPU will blow me into next century and pick it up every time.

    Usually after a couple of games I can see the tendencies how the CPU will try to score in that iteration. As OP mentioned, on Superstar I don't feel like there's anything I can do sometimes to prevent a goal, it's almost automatic.

    I usually like the challenge of Superstar. Not even worth the head ache this year.
  • Yeah, I've totally experienced what you guys are saying, it just boggles my mind how blatant it is.

    One of the games I played recently was a "competitive" setting with 4 minute periods, the default settings, except I can't remember if it was on allstar or superstar. With 4 minute periods, not 10, not 8, not 6, but 4 minute periods, the final was a 12 -11 OTer. The cpu was scoring on just any slap shot they wanted, and I don't even think there were more than 3 penalties total combined.

    I mean, what experienced NHL player isn't going see this. Did EA really think gamers were going to be like "woah, cpu is wicked hard this year man, they got like super powers and stuff man, it's awesome."

    Head ache is a good description, I like mind fee-uck, myself. Or maybe a saying like "hey, you ever wonder what it's like to have a few peptic ulcers? Play chell for awhile, you'll get a few!"
  • Man the tilt is brutal this year. It has gotten insanely hard on Allstar. Not that I don't like a challenge but damn, they just com down and score at will. The body check thing drives me batty, and also when AI teammates go into complete f*kstick mode and forget how to hockey.
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