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Custom Goaltender Masks

Am I the only person who thinks there should be a way to make your own designs on a Goaltender Mask like the goalies do in real life and use it in your Club? I feel like being restricted to the default ones and Team Masks is kinda bland and it would be a cool feature to have. Just my opinion though. Let me know what you think!


  • The ever dwindling (since the cookie cutters) EASHL player base has been clammering for this for years. Even the designs from NHL 07 would be cool
  • They don’t even have to be custom. A simple color editor like we have for all the other equipment would be enough.
  • considering its been the exact same masks for going on 3 years or so, it is definitely time for an upgrade. EA 2018 is basically nhl16 with a few new dekes, modes and a 18 sticker. Super dissapointed by this game. Waste of $80.
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