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Go back to manual goalie for penalty shots in online VS

I complained during the beta but was hoping it was only a beta thing. Now that the goalie is AI there is no fun in taking a penalty shot in VS. The guy causing the penalty should have to control the goalie. It is much more rewarding to score on a human than it is to beat the AI. Makes no sense that this was changed. That and making me play casual with a teammate, another stupid "fix" that shouldn't have changed.


  • Casual online play is awful. It made no sense to punish those who enjoyed 2vs versus play. If 1 person doesn't want to play 2 ppl, then they back out. No big deal. I miss the point ranking system. Actually returned the game. I don't play alone. It was pointless for me to have. 1st time since 2004 I haven't played online. Awful feeling
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