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AI CPU is litterally scoring on first 5 shots and User goalie still can't stop a beach ball

AI CPU is literally scoring on first 5 shots all they do is wind up and fire and score or they pass across and score. User goalie still cannot even stop a beach ball. its so bad its effecting goalie mode its self, am almost gonna abandon goalie mode, if user goalies don't get a boost and some animations speeds slowed down greatly.


  • You should probably try mine craft. Or stop playing goalie. Clearly it's not the position for you.
  • am not gonna try mine craft, but seriously they should fix the user the goalies in all modes, I would like that very nice, even at higher settings when goalie save reaction is at 95 and cross crease at 97 and deflection save at 96, my goalie should be stopping stuff and not letting stuff in.
  • Are you in the proper position? Without at least seeing a screenshot of where you are and where the shot is coming from we can't really help you.
  • EvanAshopenace
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    edited September 2017
    yah am standing right in front of puck and I still gets beaten by a low shot or wide-open shots, am standing clearly in the middle of shooting lanes, I dunno what to say to that, it would just be nice though if user goalies got a boost.

    cause right now, I cannot even hold a lead , with out getting scored on, like we are up 2-0 or 3-1, its like AI CPU Players are on autopilot to tie the game and win and overwhelm my AI User team, which almost never happens.

    I keep having games we're we are up 1 and AI CPU scores 3 in roll in first period , eventually through the game, score Is like 6-1 by second for AI CPU, my team cannot even get shot off or score successfully, they almost seem downgraded to point.

    there's also problems when AI CPU over scores, sometimes like 12-2.

    that's when I turn off the game in frustration.

    there are people saying that, AI CPU goalie seems more powerful then ever before, that's on All-Star: Full Sim and maybe others, but pro on the other hand is new All-Star, there's even post about it.

    here I show yah

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