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I have to say that this year these heroes are too expensive. I collected allmost every hero in last year. It was nice thing to do when buing cheap materials for gold cards. This year these gold cards from packs is a joke.
I decided that i dont use any euros in packs anymore because if i want to get gold cards from them, i shoult sell my house and use moneys to packs.Just auction winnings sometimes i put packs. Its much faster make coins to just making auction busines.
EA will kill this mode eventually because of their pack prices vr droprates and these changes to gold collectibles this year.


  • I won’t be doing any heroes. The collectibles make the whole setup a joke. Some sets need two or three carbons, that’s at least 180 k right there. Not happening.
  • Aren't non-current jerseys also not available in any packs, which also makes it a pain?
  • Did 15 at the beginning to get Iginla, made small profit. Right now it’s pointless to do them. And also 90 rated cards are already becoming irrelevant. Last year you could run a Hero line or two even when Toty came out
    I am the consequence of your actions
  • €A went badly wrong this year when speaking heroes. It is so much faster and cheaper to buy those heroes from auction house.
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