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Aggression Slider: What does it really do?

This slider has always been in the gray for me. Description says the aggressiveness of the players. But in the past, I have never seen that aggressiveness even with the slider up high. This year, if I raise it past 50, the CPU seems capable of scoring more at will, but I don't necessarily see them being aggressive. So it's kind of confusing for me. Anyone have a good explanation of what exactly this slider really affects? And what is a good setting?


  • I am more baffled by the slider than I was a week ago. I had a slider set with aggression at 40. Game played great...close scores...I won and I lost. But I felt the CPU needed to play a tad better so I raised the slider to 50 as a test. I was shelled by the CPU.

    Week later....playing the same way I always have (position locked), I'm suddenly dominating the CPU in every game. Played as Colorado against Detroit. Beat them 6-0. Played as New Jersey against Montreal and beat them 6-2. Other games have been 4-0, 5-1, etc.

    For some reason, and maybe post tuner, the CPU stopped scoring? Every other stat is close to perfect. I would say the CPU gets around 22+ shots per game. Penalties are decent for 8 mins periods with teams getting 1-4 power plays per game. Everything looks great, but the CPU doesn't score anymore?? I'm on All Star as well. I keep checking my settings thinking somehow I'm on PRO, but it's not.

    Anyone else experience the decrease in CPU scoring??
  • Same teams? I noticed this year more than before that different NHL teams play differently... some will chase me behind my own net, others will stand firm and wait for me to loop around.. pretty cool
  • Different teams and same teams. When I test, I try and keep factors the same. But I expect different results with different teams. But it seems to be the same scoring drought no matter what team it is.
  • I was playing with default gameplay preset at Competitive. I'm trying with it on Full SIm now to see if there is any difference.
  • So it's definitely night and day between the Competitive preset and the Full SIM preset. I've been trying Full SIM with aggression at 50 and the CPU has become unstoppable. They will score with ease and from anywhere on the ice.

    From the blue line, they shot the puck, which looked like a slow pass on the ice, and it went under my goalie's pads. Which was funny because when I view the instant replay, it actually went THROUGH the goalie pads. No collision detection at all.

    But with aggression at 50 on Full Sim, the CPU feels like superstar mode. Even with their pass accuracy at 20, they are hitting 85% to my team's 70% or less.
  • Strategies overall dictates what the opponent is going to do ... chase you, wait for you etc.

    I'm pretty sure checking and aggression go hand in hand. The higher the aggression, the more devastating the hits.
  • I understand that. However, these are the exact same settings / sliders I used for the Competitive pre-set. I moved to Full Sim and just re-input my sliders. CPU seems to score a lot easier now. I'm sure the aggression and checking are related, but I think aggression is affecting other aspects of the game as well.
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