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Nhl 18 hut best goalie?

whos your favorite goalie?


  • Holtby has been solid for me. He lets in the occasional head scratchers but for the most part gives up the goals you would expect and does make some great saves during a game.
  • I've used Quick since release date. He's been pretty good for me. He is kinda small though :/
  • Been rolling price, he looked pretty shakey for the first few games but hes been consistant. The cpu kicks his **** on superstar tho
  • None same goals go in it doesn't matter who your goalie is.
  • It depends, some goalies like hasek will let in everything stick side while goalies like price will let in everything glove side. Roll both goalies and depending where ur oponent tends to shoot more, pick the goalie that covers that corner well, i find most players will snipe blocker side
  • In my opinion, goalies have been the biggest improvement from NHL 17 to NHL 18. NHL 17 was absurd where I'd outshoot opponents 3 to 1 and lose the game by 2 goals because my goalie (no matter who it was) gave up two or three soft-goals. This year, I got lucky and landed 93 Brodeur and have been using him most of the season. But lately I've been using Hasek because his synergies help my team more. I've had success with both of them. If they let in an easy goal or two early, I'll swap goalies. But for the most part I've gotten consistent and good goaltending game after game with both of them.
  • Have used Brodeur since nearly day 1 and happy enough so far. If Bobrovsky gets an Evo card, might replace with that.

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  • Brouder is the goalie i use and he is realy good
  • carey price
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