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Game Balance

You know what? Dare I say it, game balance is actually not that bad this year. Is the game great? Ehhhh, I dunno. But for EASHL, it's pretty balanced. Offense isn't OP this year, good goalies can actually goalie most of the time(somewhat), good defense can finally gain the puck back off of mistakes and dumping the puck can actually result in offensive pressure again.

Now the game is far from perfect, but I love the fact that you're now forced to play as a team to win games. If you're elite, you can still dangle through players (as you should, but only if you're elite or their defense sucks), but for the most part you're forced to move the puck if pressure is coming at you which is nice for once. Teams that pass and create open ice are the teams that win the games now.

With good team defense you also have a chance at stopping the skilled players who like to do circles in your zone, pass interceptions are working, breaking up passes with pokechecks work now, and overall the game is actually really balanced quite well in my opinion.

Dare I say it, good job, EA.

However fix the servers, bring back lobbies or rooms so we can join games easier (so we don't have to wait 30 minutes to find a game), bring back multi-room clubs (so club can finally have some life again), fix TPS, fix puck-pickups because they're awful and continue to work on getting goalies to propel their saves to better areas (and not behind them if it hits the middle of their blockers and stuff like that).


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