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AI in NHL 18 is beyond shocking

So, before I get mauled for this post - I play NHL 18 on the hardest difficulty with realistic settings, but I did so on NHL 17 and I did just fine. I won the Stanley Cup with the Sabres (with virtually the default squad). In fact, I've been playing NHL games since the 90s, across multiple formats.

The AI in NHL 18 is absolutely ridiculous. The computer is unstoppable. I've played 12 exhibition games over the last few days and lost 12 in a row. In at least 5, I led by one goal or more and I opened the scoring. I know it's supposed to be hard, but this is something else.

The AI doesn't learn how you play; it learns how to cheat. When it's not exploiting the poke check (which is weak and inefficient for you but perfect for them), they are looking for soft penalties so they can get yet more Powerplays and can open up yet more one-timer spots (which they hit 90% of the time). They pass like no human can pass. They move like no human can move... literally, they will coast or hustle and you can hit them full force, and they will just get up. Momentum makes no difference. And often they position themselves between you and the puck, so you still lose out - often in your zone.

If they aren't setting up one-timers, they are coasting behind the net, drawing your loose AI defender and the other defender NEVER skates to cover the passing line, so they get yet another one-timer. And then they do those stupid dekes - which makes them look like they are having a seizure before they flick the puck past your keeper who sits there, seemingly frozen in time.

And to make matters worse, it's now IMPOSSIBLE to deke keepers. They seem to be very strong at predicting how you will move and save much more than they used to. Obviously, the AI doesn't have that problem.

How can you have got this so wrong?


  • I don't have that many issues with the AI on Superstar, other than they have borderline JEDI reflexes. The level of input reading it does is just frustrating.

    That said, I found that if you stay in position (good luck on that as the AI on your team is set to 3 levels BELOW mentally challenged) and don't run around after the puck too much, you might have a better chance. When I have the puck and want to score, I find that setting up for rebound plays works best. It's too difficult to deke around the AI (both skaters or Goalie). And straight up shots get blocked.

    The part where I have the biggest problem with the AI is faceoffs. I can't seem to win even ONE against the AI on Superstar. No matter what I try, it always picks the counter for it.
  • I'm not touching Superstar because it is beyond ridiculous. With that being said I'm playing AllStar with CPU Teammate Penalties turned to zero and CPU Penalties turned to 100. My AI teammates still take 2-3 a game and I still go games without powerplays. CPU can slash the stick out of my hands but the second I do it to them it's a penalty.

    I'm really enjoying the game offline but my got the cheat is real!

  • Yep, that is all truth.
    I can comment on All-star because that's what I use. Especially the passing abilities are laughable sometimes.

    It's been this way since forever tho, it just might be little worse this year, as the AI is "better" :)
  • Thank God I've finally found other people having the same problem as me. I've been losing my mind trying to play against the AI on superstar/all-star just getting utterly obliterated. But when I search the internet for bot problems and difficulty being too crazy I found nothing until now. Thought I was the only one. Does anyone know if they plan to patch the AI?
  • I'm glad there are others who feel the same way and that it's not just me!

    I don't know whether I could just deal with it better before or if the AI is just that little bit "better" this year.

    I'm compiling a selection of clips which show the one-timer. Also got a great one of the AI knocking a stick out of my player's hand by slashing him and then taking the puck past my keeper. No AI penalty, of course.

    I sure hope it gets patched soon.

    AI is a massive part of any sports game - and I think the Devs of NHL could learn a lot from something like FIFA (off-the-ball AI is pretty sharp for the most part). Amongst all the gripes yesterday, culminating in the above post, I even saw my own skaters skating straight into the boards yesterday when looking for a basic line pass to receive. It's like they're so dumb that they don't even stop themselves skating into boards.
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    It's growing increasingly frustrating how I lose every single battle because the CPU sucks up every loose puck because it doesn't suffer from bad puck pickups or doesn't make bad turning "decisions" where I want to go one way but my guy turns the other way.

    It's also more evident than ever that you can feel your guys turn into sludge or not even move at all when the CPU wants to get that game tying goal.
  • I'm finding similar issues playing position lock on All Star. I have both Pass Accuracy sliders at 20 for CPU/HUM. Yet, the CPU still gets over 80% and my team is 60 - 70%.

    And it is true what was said about the penalties. I have CPU penalties at 65 and my team at 50. CPU maybe gets 1 penalty a game vs my 3-4.
  • Sliders to accommodate for the CPU passing is essential, otherwise, it's almost unplayable.
  • Sliders to accommodate doesnt work in hut challenges.... This is beyond **** to finish the hut challenges.
  • nekh12345 wrote: »
    Sliders to accommodate for the CPU passing is essential, otherwise, it's almost unplayable.

    This. At least I hope.
    I'm trying to find the perfect slider for All-Star (not touching Superstar the way AS is...)

    What seem to work, yet: Reduce AI leaning to 3 instead of 6.
    Jack cpu penalty (even on my team) to 90.
    Reduce cpu agression (not sure of the impact. Does it cancel the penalty
    slider change?)

    Reduced CPU pass accuracy to 35 but I think I will reduce it even more.

    Missing slider: CPU magnet on lose puck or after being poked.

    Ever notice that anytime you successfully poke the puck from the cpu (especially in their D zone), it goes straight on the stick of another cpu...? That's not HARD to play AI, EA, it'S cheating.
  • Oh and I forgot to mention that Pro is just too easy (except for my goalie (Carey Price), who can't get over .600 sv%), no matter what I do with the sliders.
  • titomahawk wrote: »
    Missing slider: CPU magnet on lose puck or after being poked.

    This. It's drives me off the wall how I struggle to pick up loose pucks but the CPU just sucks it up. Every single incidental contact that creates the slightest loose puck gets sucked up like a Hoover vac. Too many instances I can count where the puck will be going one direct and get pulled back to CPU sticks.
  • I can relate to all of this.. The biggest problems for me is that on All-Star i have a hard time scoring whole the CPU score so easy.. I mean, my goalie has 87.3 after almost 70 games played while every goalie i play against is the best in the world it seems...
  • B_Bunny
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    This games gotten slightly less frustrating when ive taken cpus entirely out of the equation. Now i can just blame humans for boneheaded crap.
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  • B-Bunny wrote: »
    This games gotten slightly less frustrating when ive taken cpus entirely out of the equation. Now i can just blame humans for boneheaded crap.

    Haha. You already know this but there are likely more boneheads worse than CPU out there. At least with CPU there's some consistency.
  • It’s so stupid. I can’t believe how badly they messed this up it’s infuriafing to play. Doing the challenges I feel like a psycho I’m screaming at the TV saying they cheated again!!!!
  • B-Bunny wrote: »
    This games gotten slightly less frustrating when ive taken cpus entirely out of the equation. Now i can just blame humans for boneheaded crap.

    Most games are better when you remove the bots. Look at counter strike and rocket league. Escape from tarkov will only get better once they remove the bots as well. It's much easier to balance game play between humans than it is when bots are involved as they will always cheat.
  • Previous NHL games I’ve played on Superstar Difficulty in franchise mode. So for this one I figured I’d start off on all star just to play it safe. That was a mistake. Every game I got absolutely wrecked. Change the difficulty to pro and I destroyed the computer every game.

    This is classic EA. I’ve dealt with the same thing in FIFA up the difficulty get destroyed, lower it, it’s not fun because you just dominate. There is no middle ground.

    I thought with the newest update 1.04 that maybe they would patch it. And at first I thought they did because I was playing on all star and went on a six game winning streak . Then I lost the following nine out of 10. There is no consistency in this game at all . So what I am trying now is putting it on pro and then increasing the slider on the last tab that says “AI difficulty.” It’s a 0 to 6 slider and I put it on three because I feel like that would be a healthy middle between pro and all star that I’m looking for. Have yet to try it out we’ll see how it goes.
  • Jon2Bad
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    ive been trying to win a bronze pack with 20 hits for 4 hours now ..its on pro level yet i cant even get more than 10 hits ...ridiculous ..
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  • you all playing FULL SIM? I'm finding that it's almost impossible...to win consistently...I'm a decent player but its just too overpowering...and don't really have an interest in playing on competitive.
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