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Instigator penalty

I think it would be good to add an instigator penalty to someone who decides to fight after a hard legal hit.


  • Totally agree. It is stupid that I have to go to the box for 5 minutes because I was forced into a fight and the guy who came after me gets the same penalty. That is not the correct rule. They have to give that man an extra 2.
  • Yeah they never seemed to get this right.

    I remember back when they first created the silly forced fight I leveled a guy in my own zone, threw off my gloves and waited 3-4 seconds for Chara to come from the other end of the ice. Something out of wrestling "BUH GOD! THAT'S CHARA'S MUSIC" as I wait forever for Big Z to come running down the ramp.

    At least back then you were able to turtle.
  • eppot
    1 posts New member
    I like to sit in the penalty box with my BAP player at least 10 min every game as I do a clean check and get challenged to a fight. Would be too much to expect NHL rules to be implemented to the game
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