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NHL 19 Wishlist

1. Be a Referee Mode like what you did in the Aporl fools joke but real

2. Ability to trade future conciderations

3. Ability to sign players that PTOs

4. Ability to create a do 3 way trades


  • *I have no feedback for online modes since I don't play them, last time I tried my opponent literally just spammed the poke check constantly and it was the opposite of fun and had virtually no resemblance to any hockey I've ever watched*

    All Modes:
    -More stats.. specifically, start capturing blocks in stats, and add some of the advanced metrics like Corsi, PPS, GPS, and per shift based stats.
    -Fix collision engine to a hit box type to reduce clipping (sick of getting the puck poke checked away from me by the defender literally pushing his stick through my body, legs, and skates)
    -If you are nerfing friendly AI when OPP AI is forechecking (which I strongly suspect that you are based on 100s of hours of gameplay), please cut it out... the intimidation engine is supposed to be dead.

    -More input and control over contract negotiations
    -Stop punishing good individual defensive play with the "bad line defense" neg, unless your player actually contributed to the breakdown that caused the goal
    -More +/- in game feedback and categories
    -Make it actually possible to get A+ on Defense & Team Play
    -More interactivity and story (like your other, bigger budget big bros FIFA & Madden..it's time us puck heads got some love)
    -Fix stats that you have no way to impact (ie poise).. these stats are important, but you can't train on them, and you can't impact them with in game performance, so your player can never get better (or worse) at them
    -Head Scan App for created player

    -Add ability to buy out AHL players on SPCs.. have a bunch of past prime aged scrubs on every AHL team that you can't get rid of... if they are on NHL 2 ways, then you should also be able to buy them out
    -3 way trades yes please
    -Agreed on PTOs too, not that I would ever actually sign expensive guys past their prime, but it's a valid type of NHL contract that's missing

    3s (Fun Mode BTW, cheers!):
    -Add some depth and more to do other than just run the circuit
    -Remove rewards tied to Online Coop, since it's friends list only and some of us don't have buddies that also play NHL

    REMOVE (hahaha, I know the cash cow is here to stay, but I just had to put that in there)
  • I also wanted new commentators like Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Ray Ferraro with Ron Maclean as the host.
  • jb431
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    EA should take notes from other sports series games like NBA2k and MLB The Show when it comes to 'Be a Pro'. Add in more features like practices where you actually participate in drills to build your character, instead of just clicking on what you want to train in for that week (boring). Then distribute upgrade points based on your performance in those practices. Maybe add things like the badges they have in 2k that upgrade certain parts of your skills based on how often and how well you perform those actions in games. Customizable height, weight, etc that actually affect your speed, strength, and other attributes. Allow that player to be used in eashl. Just don't go overboard and allow someone to easily cheese their way to a 99 in each category. You can institute specific player builds where an offensive defenseman would be stronger in areas like shot power, passing, etc but weaker in physical aspects and vice versa for other player types. Computer AI still needs huge improvement. On breakouts my teammates constantly skate into each other or one of the opponents and lose the puck, or if a puck is dumped in they skate to where the puck is, instead of skating ahead of it to intercept it.
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  • -winter classic (with snow fall during gameplay)
    -in playoff mode, tell us what game number it is and also display the series record in the scorebar during gameplay
    -out of town scores to be displayed during gameplay in season/franchise/playoff modes
  • sgiz1
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    edited October 2017
    My wish is for EA to leave the game alone for a year and instead spend that entire year rewriting net code, invest in more servers in more locations with larger capacity so its never high traffic or bogged down.

    I think this would have the best result for online players, as it would improve how the game plays online, the goal should be to make the game play online as smooth as it does offline.
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  • Just work on the core game, it's already pretty good.
    Invest in another server or two?!
  • HandsomeCatf1sh
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    That would be sick...they should code it in so it only happens only once a year.
    You're just sitting in the penalty box and bam!!!! A fan jumps over the glass into the box....BEER AND BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!
  • MetalMilitia623
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    edited October 2017
    Play old time hockey. Has everything you want, or super blood hockey
  • I'm down to only having interest in full sim/franchise mode, which right now sux because of the gameplay and immersion factors.

    A.I. - So many things need to be reworked and implemented. They need to start playing like a human hockey team.

    Generic faces - Fine, whatever, we need to the ability to edit player appearances post haste. I'll go through the whole damn league if I have to. Whatever intern you have working on this... sux.

    Generic faces - more options or a different system.

    A Hockey World - NHL prospects are spread all over the world. An integration of these leagues would seem appropriate, yes? You can use fictional leagues for countries like Russia and the US where licensing is an issue. They don't have to be playable leagues, just something for recognition, though, the more integrated the better.

    Stats - While you sort of have a full sim option, (your recommended period length is no good) season stats aren't comparable with other teams. I.e. if I average between 30 and 40 faceoffs per game, and the rest of the league sims at between 60 - 80, there's no reason to keep track of this stat, or look at it for comparison. Ya understand where I am going with this? Every team competing within the same parameters?

    Eastside hockey manager - enough said, you know what I'm getting at. Partner up, sign one of their guys, do something to imitate the real life business of hockey.
  • Binomical
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    edited October 2017
    The one thing I REALLY would love to see added is...

    Manual Line Changes on Hybrid controls .

    Foreal, I can not understand why it is not implemented . There are exactly 4 Buttons we do not use - at least on ps4 - which would work perfectly for this : the directional buttons/arrows on the left side of the controller .

    I mean, 2k had that in their Hockey Game in what? 2007 ? Manual Line changes, using the directional arrows/buttons on the left . Did they kindof patent that so EA can not use it royalty free or sthg ? Or is it really THAT hard to do ?

    Oh, and get rid of my Player becoming a Ghost after having laid a BigHit ( not picking up the Puck, not receiving Passes etc .), pretty please !
  • How do you adjust strategies with hybrid controls? That is usually on the d-pad.
  • Binomical
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    edited October 2017
    How do you adjust strategies with hybrid controls? That is usually on the d-pad.
    Simply put...we don't .

    Neither Line nor Strategy changes are possible during a Game when using Hybrid . Couple that with the fact that we can not protect the puck the way skill stick users do - extending the stick to one side - and you see how playerbase is essentially organized into T1 and T2 players . Simply by the controls thy prefer . Sucks BigTime.

    But rly, the option to change Lines would already change a lot. Strategy changes would be the next step...and iirc, 2k had that on the symbol buttons (PS3) during stoppage of play - before a faceoff for instance .
  • Hybrid controls seem like a half baked poorly thought out setup. I feel like they should have all the same functionality of the other control scheme.

    Still no excuse other than "because consoles" to not have fully customizable controls.

    I think it's fun to be able to accidentally break the controls, like when I was playing pubg and changed my controls and unbound the shoot button so I couldn't shoot. Lol.
  • What puzzles me the most is the simple question of "Why is the option not there for Hybrid players ?" coupled with the fact that there is no "official" answer to it . There are enough buttons on the controllers, other gameplay fuctionality is not needed in the moments Line and Strategy changes are triggered...I am really at a loss as to why they did not implement it . Can not be too hard to take an already existing fuctionality and rescript it so that it simply works on other triggers (=buttons).
  • It's not at all difficult. PC has had the ability to bind any keystroke to any in game action since inception. Really don't understand why it's not standard for consoles to do the same.
  • BAP Europe with mestis allsvenskan LNB DEL 2 and others european leagues like UK, Norway, slovakia, Poland, Belarus, France .

    And the system relegation from first division to second division for the biggest leagues like sm liga, SHL etc....

  • I hope they can add Frostbite and if they do, don't bother with a Journey as those have been terrible wastes of resources. Please focus on GM mode, integrate all leagues, improve the visual presentation and stats. Add cut scenes for the draft and have an award show. Have editable coaches with after game questions. Presentation is terrible and needs redone. Dock and Eddie are presented horribly. Please give us the ability to create our own leagues with importable crests, the current creation feature is a waste.
  • I would want to see new commentary like Jim & Craig from HNIC with Ron Maclean as the host and Shawn McKenzie doing rinkside.
  • 2sweeeeeeet
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    edited October 2017
    Two words.... Bob Cole

    I don't care if they have to put together clips and sound bites of the man. Best commentator in sports history.
  • Couple things mentioned here already and want to add something very dear to me.
    1. Team AI needs to play EXACTLY like OPP AI. My AI team has no clue what to do in the defensive zone in any situation. They have a full 4-5 seconds to grab the puck and move or pass but instead they pin against the board and wait for the OPP AI to come take the puck.
    2. When you the controlled player pins against the boards. You'll have an OPP AI pin against you, a second OPP AI will come in and help his AI. Team AI will not come and help. If they do they will stand 6 feet to the side (the side where you can't possibly pass the puck because there are 2 OPP AI players there already).
    3. I would LOVE to see a way for them to track stats on human controlled players through season mode. For instance, I typically play with 2-3 friends in season mode at my house (we play a game during intermissions of the Jets game) We all pick a position and lock in. We play with line changes to keep things real. Somewhere in season mode there should be a stat for all the human controlled players. How many points/pims/shots etc. did Player 1 get/Player 2/Player 3/Player 4. So we can have some friendly competition between us.
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