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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • Hannes2727 wrote: »
    Have you ever seen a real hockey game in which every two seconds a successful pokecheck is performed ? Neither do I.

    Have you ever seen a real hockey game in which players hold on to the puck for to long when they should be passing, shooting or dumping the puck?
    Neither have I.

    Someone should break out some Neosporin for that burn.
  • I would like the player creation
  • I would like Player creation (appearance) to be less pick a face and move on and more adjust the cheekbones ,chin ,where the eyes are or just more detailed
  • I just want to know what everyone wants in NHL 19 when it comes to gameplay and much more.
  • Dude theres another thread with the exact same title with 200+ posts and it’s still very active. Why didn’t you post something there?

  • Roster share Lol
  • Is there ever going to be a return for custom created plays?? These preset AI plays just aren't working.
  • I would like to have a Versus mode where you can create your own team with custom logos, uniforms, arenas etc. You can only use NHL rosters to make it fair. It would be great to be able to have a fully customized team without the need to have additional players to play with you. versus mode is very popular and it would be fun to play with unique teams.
  • Skrappy3957
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    edited March 2018

    Maybe not NHL 19 but at least future NHL

    EASHL - I've played numerous games with my team and the odd time one of us lose connection or we come on late... I think there should be an option where we can jump into the dressing room see what positions are available and take that spot and once we come into the game either have us line change with that CPU or wait for a whistle and then join in... I've heard way to many times that we could of used someone cause of the CPU's sloppy gameplay

    Player Creation - Player creation is lacking so much... We've come to next gen and not much has changed from old gen other than adding more heads... I think it needs to be updated to sliders which would not only give us the ability to better create ourselves but create players with the aspect of actually creating they're face... Also if we wanted we could create a variety of old timers

    Online/Franchise/GM Connected (If It Comes Back) - Create a league... Online I've seen people who have created a online league called Facebook Hockey League, EA could better this with create a league and without the exploiting use of leveling up EA could turn of player rating when this is in use. We could also have the possibility of creating our own league and rules with trading and settings of how many games we have a season and playing for the cup... Franchise we already got create a team so with create a league and a better player creation which I explained up above EA brings n sliders we could create old teams and players and instead of just switching out one team we could switch out the entire league and recreate old leagues or even create leagues such as the KHL or for the females create the CWHL EA would need to bring in a way to only have female players being drafted for this and thus this would bring in a stringer female audience... GM Connected if this comes back EA could use create a league and us players could import whichever league and how many teams we want and what not, we could create a league of old time players and teams and play along with friends

    Gameplay Presentation - We have all these props and the opening sequence quickly cuts to the commentating team... I want to see opening presentation just how teams have it, why have them in it when they aren't even used?... Take a look at NBA2K they have a killer opening sequence, you guys could use that and build off that and also like FIFA you could tell us who's on a hot streak and what not... The create a arena with all these props is so lacking the only real time we ever see these is when a goal is scored, bring these into play more...

    BAP/BAGM - FIFA has this breaking news board, I wouldn't mind seeing this in the hockey part... Possibly seeing guys retire and seeing them on this board at a press conference or when a guys traded or when a junior is becoming hot they are shown on this board...

    Net/Moorings - This was in the game and then taken out, I was told it was cause guys were exploiting this and knocking the net off... I say bring it back and bring in the actual rules for the net... If trolling is an issue, I'll explain this more later...

    Trolling - We all know two very good trolls who have yet to be taken care of... Now I'm gonna get into an option to help take care of this finally... EA already has the technology of knowing when your not in the gameplay and kicks you, well why not bring in this same technology in another way... A goalie is screwing around then a simple kick should be implemented... Scoring on your own net as I know two certain trolls love doing who have been mentioned in other threads, this can be fixed easily... If a tip in on your own goal goes in that's understandable and ONLY ONCE should happen a game, if your managing more than one goal on your own team a game then you should be kicked. As well same goes to guys scoring on their own net... EA should also add a three strike rule, you join three different games just to troll around you should be given a automatic 24 hour suspension

    Rosters - Roster Sharing, THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDED!!!. Much as the stuff I added up above about team create and player create... If you guys add what I mentioned up above and this roster sharing we could not only share wicked created old rosters but we could also download other members... Think about it, recreating a entire league of old school teams and players and then being able to roster share them... We could be able to play a season or franchise with guys like Ted Lindsay, Johnny Bower, Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard and so on

    Records - EA in the past I believe if was NHL 97 last had milestones, scoring your 100th goal or playing a certain amount of games would be shown on the scoreboard... I would love to see this brought back but only better, instead of just being shown on the scoreboard why not have the commentators mention it and talk about... Maybe have that player highlighted and have it shown when he played his first game or scored their first goal... Hall of fame records... This I don't see in the game, I wanna know where I stand in the league in the record books with the greats... We have at the end of the end of each season players retired list but that's it and nothing more than that... I wanna see something more than just that

    Reviews - We have goal reviews and that's it... I wouldn't mind seeing reviews used further and EA has the technology to bring this in... I've watched a few games where me and some guys are confused how a goal can count when it looks like the player would be offside. It would be neat if EA brings this in as where our captain could ask for a review of the play... I know this would be exploited as guys would just ask for calls on anything... So EA would need to use the technology and has the ability to do this as only can a review be called when it should be review-able instead of just being exploited

    I will be adding more to this once I think of more things to help make this game better and enjoyable
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  • WPGjets
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    please give us the option to play game action using custom cameras. It was available in old gen, its available in current gen but only in replay mode.
  • I think that you should make be a pro go through everything in a pros life like starting from bantam and rising up to get drafted by an nhl squad. There should also be more behind the scenes like making relationships with your teammates and talking with the media and going to practices to earn skill points that you can distribute however you want to make your player better. There should also be more customization in every aspect you should be able to make your player like no-one else’s. Add face scanning people love that in games.
  • I also think that you should add in online imports for customizations so you can make custom jerseys pads goalie helmets etc.
  • You should also add outdoor arenas like in winter classic or stadium series. And maybe have a different announcement crew like CBC and hockey night in canada
  • We Need the Frostbite Engine Or Outdoor Games In NHL19
  • Masontcarr
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    edited March 2018
    Cover Athlete: Auston Matthews Or Sidney Crosby.
    Engine: Frostbite
    New Modes: Outdoor Games.
  • Ok where to start....

    The whole offsides penalty calls are wrong half of the time.

    My AI teammates are clowns 80% of the time.

    THERE NEEDS TO BE HOTKEYS SO I CAN CHOOSE WHICH PLAYER I WANT TO CHANGE TO. ie hit lb to pull up each player as a button. The pass button should not be the same as the player change button on defence this is beyond annoying.

    Should be able to switch to your other goalie in game.

    Right now when you buy multiple packs of whatever the current special is it will stopp you and say it's unavailable even though the timer will say it's availablen for x amount of days and that there is no limit

    There's mad other things but I'll maybe revisit later.

  • GoLeafs83
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    edited March 2018
    Bring in the Frostbite Engine if possible.Read an article of all time legend teams for each team which should be playable in all modes and not just cards used in HUT! Change up the commentary duo,maybe add a second set of commentary guys aka Hockey Night In Canada or TSN or Sportsnet...It's been the same recycled commentary from Doc and Eddie last year and this year.A game's commentary should be new and exciting every single year.Maybe add story lines about players as the year progresses.
    Also why bother putting the all star game in season/franchise mode if we can't access it to be able to play as one of the 4 divisions...I hate getting to all star weekend and finding out that it's not playable during season/franchise mode...All you'd have to do is have all 4 divisions to choose from,the player picks the division he wants to play and if his team loses then the game is over but if he wins he moves on to the other games.The last few years that EA has made games,I've lost interest in playing them after a few months...They need competition similar to 2k...but a different company that will challenge EA for who has the better overall game.With EA being the only hockey game they don't seem to care or try to improve the game,it's been the same recycled game almost every year (save for the roster updates).
    My final NHL 19 wishes are to have custom music back in the games to make the games more enjoyable to play...hearing the same songs over and over again are tiring...Also would love to see a Roster Sharing type of set up for NHL 19! Le the fans make the rosters for other fans to use.

    P.S And more facial scans for players as well as coaches too....They used to have actual coach faces in game why not anymore.
  • We also need NHL 19 to be run by the Frostbite Engine

    Bring back regional lobbies so WE can choose with whom and what server to play on. Also bring back the ability to see other players connections which can determine if we want to join games with certain players or not.

    Bring back custom player builds. Just give everyone the same amount of attribute points.

    Bring back 12 player private drafts/lobbies. It was so much easier and effective (fun too) getting games going with friends than the current system.
  • mhandymanb wrote: »

    Bring back regional lobbies so WE can choose with whom and what server to play on. Also bring back the ability to see other players connections which can determine if we want to join games with certain players or not.

    Bring back custom player builds. Just give everyone the same amount of attribute points.

    Bring back 12 player private drafts/lobbies. It was so much easier and effective (fun too) getting games going with friends than the current system.

    Bring back custom player builds. Just give everyone the same amount of attribute points.

    This was exploited big time by guys making super tiny guys and then going online to find a build of a speedy skater who'd just skate by anybody... Honestly I like how they have it now they just need to work on the mechanics a bit cause it seems a tad bit wonky hammering a guy only to have the puck stuck to him and him get up and still have the puck

    Bring back 12 player private drafts/lobbies. It was so much easier and effective (fun too) getting games going with friends than the current system.

    This was another thing that was exploited, guys would just make custom lobbies an build their stats and levels up. Only way with what you're asking would work is if they turned of player experience and just had guys play a random game against eachother

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