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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • EpiCxOwNeD wrote: »
    EA should add a color palette instead of continuing to use of the wheel color we have now for making uniforms. It would easier I think to find the exact color you are looking for.

    Also for goalie helmets/masks which I have no idea why we can’t custom colour like other pieces of equipment. :smirk:

  • my wish is for NHL 10 Backwards Compatible with online servers.
  • When you play an online ranked match in the pregame, they should show that stats of the other players you are playing. Like not just the stats of the team or the goalie you're playing against. But if they show the online players stats in a graphic like goals per game, goals against per game, powerplay average, faceoff percentage, etc. Also if they tracked like blocks and scoring chances thatd be cool.
  • HockeyDude
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    As an offline player, I ask for a few basic things:

    1. Better computer AI

    - No cheating opponent AI
    - Better teammate AI
    - Both are computer algorithms. How can it be that the opposing AI gets speed, passing and skating boosts, but for your own teammates, they act like idiots stuck in mud? Where's my teammates who can get these boosts to help balance the game out? Or better yet, just scrap the weird AI and just program smarter AI. It's the SAME AI since NHL 08. Is it too much to ask for re-doing AI over TEN YEARS?

    2. Keeping game recaps

    - You see all this stuff when a game ends
    - But after it's over and you go back to the dashboard, all you get is a calendar score
    - How about keep detailed game stats, game logs, stat splits and such. Stats are fun

    3. Get rid of cut-scenes

    - I played two games and got all kinds of stupid cut scenes. And some of them you can't skip unless gamers "HOLD A TO SKIP". How about giving options to skip cut-scenes totally right off the bat, or just have gamers press a button. Why "HOLD BUTTON"? Are the graphics guys so enamored with their work they want gamers to stare at it as long as possible?

    4. Save issue

    - I remember this stiff from probably NHL 12. I adjust and save settings. I load up the file and some reason some of the settings are adjusted. ****? I'm two games into the save file, why are a couple of the settings adjusted, when most of the other ones are kept the same?
    - Another save issue is auto-save. I exited a game and even chose that option "Exit without Save". It's even highlighted in red. Yet some reason my season file saved. I tried reloading it, and it already saved over

    5. Default stat sorting

    - This has been going on since I think NHL 07
    - It's sorted alphabetical order by last name. Name one web site, magazine or tv show summarizing current stats showing it sorted by last name, so that Zach Anton-Reese is shown first, and if you want to see Malkin's season stats you have to scroll down the page to the M section. It should be sorted by default by points highest-to-lowest. The secondary sorting criteria (if players have the same points) is I think whomever has scored more goals..... but I might be wrong.... it may be whomever has played fewer games
    - And when you press sort in one of the screens (I think it's Stat Central), it sorts lowest-to-highest. Then you press again to sort highest-to-lowest. Doesn't make sense. If the game is going to have players press a sort button, why would anyone want to see lowest-to-highest first? Also, to sort in Stats Central, and during a game isn't even the same. One requires you to press X, another press I think right analog stick. I might have the buttons wrong here, but I know it's different
  • iqqmuT
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    edited April 2018
    1. When being in penalty box, free camera. Camera focus has always been in the puck but sometimes I like to watch elsewhere.
    2. Ability to watch the game of your EASHL team. Sometimes you come late online and would like to watch your teammates playing a game before joining. It would be cool to select the seat in the crowd where you are watching the game.
    3. Custom tournaments! If there is a problem with World Cup license or something else, why not to make it possible to make your own tournament? Player could name the tournament how he pleases and create the tournament tree using all teams (NHL, AHL, National, custom teams, etc). This would be so great feature in gaming parties!
    4. Online possibility to tournaments! It would be cool to have 6 players in the same team over the network (PS4) and to play tournaments against AI or other friends.
  • fungchen32010
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    There are so many things covered here, so I decided to focus on the CREATION and CUSTOMIZATION aspect of the NHL series (Create A Player, Team, Arena, etc.) Here are the things I really would like to see them put in the game:

    1. Having old school, defunct logos are great, however, this should be improved upon. Every single defunct team should have a logo, going back to the Arenas, Metropolitans, Tigers, Maroons, etc.

    2. There should be more jersey templates - ones that can duplicate any jersey made.

    3. When you go to uniform creator, you should be able to start with any NHL jersey made as a base. For example, you should be able to start with the old school Colorado Rockies uniforms and edit the colors, etc. Instead of creating from scratch, having a base to start from would be great.

    4. Arena Creator is fun but there should be way more options. For starters, you should be able to choose from more rink templates: European size, NHL size, vintage NHL (no board/ice logos by default), outdoor rink, etc. Once you have your base, there should be more seating color/configuration options. Some old school arenas use more than 2 colors on their seats, and you should be able to define which colors you want in every level, club box, etc. (instead of 2 levels at most).

    5. Once you have your base arena created, you should be able to add your own logos and arena names to center ice if you want. There should be a file upload area where you can upload all of your png (transparent background) logos and import them into the game and place them. You should be able to import banners you want to hang from the rafters, etc. In other words, if I want to create the exact Montreal Forum from 1975, I should be able to. Including changing the bottom "yellow" bumper to other colors that were used back in the day (white, light blue, etc.) You should also be able to "remove" the safety netting option.

    6. Player equipment should be expanded to include more old school equipment. Old masks (they used to be in the game!!). A complex mask designer. Old player and goalie equipment - in addition to the sticks that exist - have skates, gloves, helmets, ability to turn helmets OFF, etc. Again, if I want to create the 1960 Boston Bruins, I should be able to.

    7. Edit NHL player capabilities. Why can you not adjust a player's ht./wt. etc? Why can't you change a player's face, especially for the ones that aren't created to their liking and they look nothing like the player??

    8. Music / face creator, editor. You should be able to upload your own soundtrack and goal songs, stoppage of play songs, etc. You should also be able to upload a picture of your face, or a player's face, and create them.

    All of these features should be doable. If you want to spend hours customizing your experience, you should be able to. I understand EA can't build every vintage NHL arena or legend player, so why not let the fans do all of the work?

    IDEA: If EA really wants to be innovative, they would create all of these custom tools, then let users spend the time creating players, uniforms, old arenas, legends teams, etc. Then let users upload their creations in a "Gamer Store" area where other users can preview the creations, then choose to purchase them if they like. The creator gets "50% EA credit" to put towards an EA game down the line and EA sports gets 50% of the transaction as commerce. So, let's say I create the 1974-75 Philadelphia Flyers and the old Spectrum to detail. If someone wants to buy my download and download it to their game, it costs $1.99 and EA sports automatically makes $1 off the transaction, and I get $1 in EA credit. If my creations are good enough, and I sell $400 worth of downloads, EA makes $200 off of me alone.

    Give the fans the tools, we are creative!!
  • It’s my dream if they would add a feature where you (the player) can hire coaches like you can see the ratings and stuff like that oh yeah and AI can fire there head coaches... I hope you guys and gals know what I mean...
  • Maybe a view of outside the stadium during the playoffs showing the fans' reactions to the goals, wins or losses.
  • or authentic fan reactions, like throwing full aluminum pints of beer on the ice and at players in a playoff loss.

  • I agree with what a lot of these people are saying.

    I myself never play online so for me it's GM mode and BAP.

    My wishlist

    1. Ability to sim games throughout the season and not be penalized for by getting bumped down a line because of lack of commitment or points. My player put up 14 pts in 4 games and got sent down a line...

    2. ability to change positions - If I am a centre and get traded to a team that has another allstar centre, it should be based on chemistry (just like the real NHL). Put me on the wing if need be!!!

    3. Ability to change your jersey number right away. If not other player has that number on the team and you have it as a preferred jersey number, why can't I have it?

    4. Be able to change your weight in the offseason to make those changes were you are deficient. If I'm too heavy, which makes me slow, then I should change my weight to compensate for a terrible season.

    5. Be able to have facial recognition for my BAP. It's 2018 and Tiger Woods had this back in 2003.

    6. Be able to negotiate with teams for free agency or trades. Again going back to the simming options, if I sim I get penalized for team options to choose from (only two interested). If I put up close to 100pts, I'm certain there will be more than two teams interested, regardless of my type of player (playmaker, sniper, etc.)

    7. Practices to focus on weaknesses, not just choosing those options automatically. At least, have those options.

    8. Being able to skate with the Stanley Cup.

    9. More interactive Media for your BAP, gets you more involved.

    Those are the most important to me this year.
  • 1. I would like to see Long Term Injury Reserve implemented. As a Red Wings fan, I know Johan Franzen will never play another NHL game, yet he's always in the lineup by default. I don't want to send him to another league, because I play with a realistic salary cap, I want the hit from his contract.

    2. A more user friendly BAP goalie mode. I've put hundred of hours into this since its inception, and I have yet to give up less than 3 goals a game. Part of this I attribute to my next wish.

    3. Better teammate AI! Enough people have mentioned this that I won't elaborate.

  • . I would like to talk about the release of NHL 19. Mostly: be a pro mode and things that I think would help the game.

    1. Contract negotiations. To select how many years you would like to play for a team. And also what team you would like to play for. What teams what you more will determine how much you can make per game.

    2. Attribute upgrades. Please make individual attribute upgrades a thing so you can reach a higher lever faster. Like if you play amazing one game you get X amount of coins and you can use coins to level your player up.

    3. The number of games. For those players who don’t have a lot of time to grind and play all the time. Please make it where you can have for example: 20, 40, 60, ect. Games because a total season is a load of games to play

    4. The simulating: if you are playing really good. Possibly averaging 2 goals a game and a few assists. Then you decide to simulate. Please make it to where when you simulate it does not move you down to the 2nd or even the 3rd line. If your playing good then the simulation should play good. Now I’m not saying the simulation should make you average 2 goals a game. But please make it to where if he’s playing good it stays consistent.

    5. Demand a release from your team. Please make it to where if you dislike your team you could demand a release. when you do this you should be able to visit certain teams that are interested in you then proceed to negotiate a contract with that team.

    Thanks for reading this post.

    Sincerely, Ethan
  • I just wanna say that NHL 19needs to be more realistic because NHL 18 sorta wasn’t. NHL 19 needs to have a lot of new features like the national anthem or different broadcast themes like NBC or CBC and different commentator so you can choose from whether it be the home feed or the away feed. The playoff mode needs to be a lot more enthusiastic and more realistic the playoffs I want to the main components of the video game and I don’t know why this isn’t a big feature that it is not working on. The commentators need to be a lot more into the game with the playoffs the chance need to be a lot more realistic and the celebrations need to be way more like a playoff game atmosphere needs to be more of a playoff game I feel like NHL 18 did not represent the atmosphere a playoff game.

    The Winter classic needs to come back I feel like if you’re doing to season a franchise mode and it’s January 1 and your team is participating in the winter classic in that game needs to be outdoors.

    Another thing I like to talk about is the goal horns the call horns and goal songs need to be more realistic ETA is getting there I give them credit for that they are getting better at it but it it’s just not right yet.
  • Another thing to add to the long laundry list of ideas that I and others have already provided... but would it be at all possible to somehow integrate not only a record list for each team (such as most assists, most goals, most points, most hits, most minutes, in a single game/season/playoff/career), but in the BAP mode or GM mode could the player that sets a new record get some kind of experience boost (like in poise/discipline). Likewise can being a winner for different trophies also provide you with experience points (for example I feel like winning the Calder as ROTY should have like some experience points added to every category with the majority in poise/discipline). Just a thought.
  • I wish instead using the faces they have and hair styles, that you can scan your own face on eashl. And being able to play with old style helmets and teams like old tiger Williams or Dennis potvin helmet. A
  • coastalgrower
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    Different goal horns would be nice make each rink different. Been to tons of rinks everyone has different atmosphere not online or playing game against computer except mascots. Tampa has blue led lights on glass boards. Washington has red. Change advertising so much that can be done. Goal lights even! Better yet make a Budweiser goal light that works with the game to goes off every time you score I could put on my tv and works like controller easy and and could work with updates and on every nhl ea game. Whatever happened to smashed glass for hits and slap shot!
  • TROUT0008
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    Records the fights into game stats. W. L. Tie.
    For LeagueGaming thatd be awesome.
    Energy solo, for each player, not the line.

  • 1. Improved game on ice - This game is made only by what happens from whistle to whistle. Locomotion needs to ve rehauled, AI perfected, and basic hockey perfected.
    2. Franchise & Online - Provide online Franchise mode with adjustable season length, the ability to play games in series to accomodate players, and the ability for the game to auto-sim non-conference, non-home, etc options.
    3. More customizable options - Goalie masks, pads, playing lower leagues, etc.
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  • Sixrohki
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    Club practice

    Make one timer slapshots manny only (insane to me howpne of the most difficult things to do is the easiest thing to do in this game)

    Remove True performance skating

    Editing heights and weights of online character (even just small med tall as options)
  • b24hhh
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    Be a Pro:
    • Being able to sign a pro contract to a European league, if you don't make it in the NHL team
    • Being able to start your career in a European league before getting drafted
    • Being able to go to World Junior Championships and then to World Cup of Hockey, every 4 years
    • Being able to sign an NHL contract extension mid season and not only off-season
    • Interviews and off-ice events back from NHL 14
    • Animated Trophy ceremonies for the winners of the players' trophies and draft
    • Being able to hire and fire an agent

    Be a GM:
    • Having authentic minor teams for you franchise: AHL and ECHL teams
    • Being able to play each team of your franchise and send your players between them
    • Having the ability to give a player the permission to play in a European league to develop them
    • Being able to hire and fire staff members
    • Being able to renegotiate your contract during the season
    • Animated Trophy ceremony for the winner of the Jack Adams Trophy and the draft
    • Being able to create an A.I. for your team: For each line (eg. intensity, passing, shooting, offensive blue line, blocking, tactics), for goalie (eg.how much trapezoid play, how much freezing the puck)
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