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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • More realistic deflections, intentional and accidental, More realistic goalie screening, More realistic line changes, being able to challenge a goal, have the actual current coaches and also have the ability to fire and hire others on franchise mode, more realistic goalie scrambles when under multiple shots and players playing goalie just to keep the puck out of the net, On create a player, when creating a goalie it would be cool if you could do a custom mask, something along the lines having multiple custom mask skins then just altering colours, much like the other customizable goalie equipment. It would be a nice touch
  • Oglithorpe
    1 posts New member
    I really appreciate all the work that goes into making the arenas more realistic, and having all the alternate jerseys for all the leagues.

    That being said, could you please add 1998-1999 Red and Black Jerseys for Buffalo Sabres?
  • > @10026436 said:
    > I also wanted new commentators like Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Ray Ferraro with Ron Maclean as the host.

    I would like to see a thing where you can change which broadcast your on (NBCSN, Fox Sports, ETC.) if they can get all the rights
  • 1. Quicker crowd reaction to a goal.
    2. Different broadcast network.
  • Here are few suggestions:
    1) HUT mode be able to get all bronze, silver and gold for all cards issued in september. It could be a challenge when the player need to win against each team to get their player. This will allow to obtain player card with no value (coins) and not tradable. This will allow players to get a lot of cards to assemble their team. The challenge is preset, the player need to play the junior team first (bronze), then the AHL and european teamp (silver) and play the NHL team once for common and a second time for gold. By the time someone get all the cards, higher value cards will be available through packs. Packs will still speed up the process and allow trade or sell.
    2) Unlcok Legend or almuni player in HUT mode will make them available in other mode like GM mode.
    3) Stats should be given when completing HUT challenge more readily or in stats. Like Pass %, Hit,...
    4) When getting packs, selection of player should be more often possible.
    5) in HUT mode as the season goes, it should be easier or less costly to get players in bronze, silver or even gold packs when no high value player can be given with a reasonable chance. (I am actullay giving up on packs, simply because they are too expensive and the reward value is so low).
    6) In HUT for example, my team is 95 ovr and my lowest player is 86. So, I would not add any player at 85 in my team. When looking at this you realized that all player 87 and up will be of interest in defence. In offence is start at 90. So, if EA will gave me all players below 86. I will just used them for fun. In HUT online mode I will used my best ovr player.
    7) In GM mode introducing Legend will be a very interesting features. Be able to mix present and past player or having a full Black Hawks, Boston, MTL or Ranges Legend team will be awesome. Competing against the famous Islanders (1980), the MTL (70), the Oilers (80's) or Boston (70).
    8) In all mode, coach could be set to be the computer to help line change. I have a hard time doing it.
  • PJ_Bullet
    23 posts Member
    edited April 2019
    They will never do any of the things you say. Companies that make so called sports games, don’t make games. The’re interactive videos. You press a button and then wait to see what absurdity the ai is going to do on your behalf. You don’t really get to play it. That’s why there are an absurd amount of animations in it so that the ai plays for you. To actually make a ‘game that you get to play would cost time and money; which you are not worth since your going to by the crap they put out anyway. Not talking about the programmers because, they actually overwork them like crazy.
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  • bkknight_95
    1 posts New member
    This might be a little stupid and not worth the time, but adding the ability to edit your AHL teams in Franchise would be nice.
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