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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • New development team and/or new company to make an NHL game.

    If we can't have that, then upgrade the * servers.
  • A new revamped online GM Connected mode, with more moderator oversight, and ability to have a social platform for league members to stay connected via some kind of mobile app....also ability to wager (maybe EA Pucks) for whoever wins the Stanley cup/runner ups, major trophy winners, etc.
  • thanson1972
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    edited November 2017
    How about adding USHL, NCAA the European under 20 leagues since several players are drafted from these leagues. And while I am dreaming, how about bringing back the KHL? The more teams the merrier.

    Also, how about making the franchise mode three teams deep so you can incorporate the appropriate ECHL team to the franchise as well (like a AA team in baseball). For example, if you are playing Detroit it wouldn't be just Detroit and Grand Rapids as you would also have the Toledo Walleye as well. This would be a great third team to use for stashing away the organization's junior and European prospects who haven't made it over to the AHL yet.
  • Maybe make a mobile version and make an effort to have more play by play player names
  • These are pretty much all aesthetic/presentation requests.
    1. in Franchise mode, fans should be wearing your custom jerseys, not some weird generic one created by the CPU. Also name of arena could go around the centre circle.
    2. Ability to create 3rd jersey for existing teams, not just the created teams.
    3. More player equipment like True and Graf skates.
    4. Custom goalie helmets for created teams.
    5. Import logo for created teams (offline modes only) and/or ability to use every available logo in the game for created team.
    6. Create team jerseys should be Adidas options not Reebok
    7. Ability to import player names for play by play announcers
    8. In edit player, you should be able to customize the player gloves just like the goalie equipment
    9. Import music like in previous gen
    10. Create a face or game face (scrap the generic faces to select)
    11. Ability to import a "mug shot" for created players instead of being greyed out
  • Goals that count.
  • -Roller Hockey mode
    -Street Hockey Mode
    -Floorball mode
    -in be a pro, you could be on the mite, squirt, peewee, bantam, ****, JV, varsity, or college team
    -In creation zome, you can make your own stick, skates, helmet, e.t.c
    -Get a nhl 19 app so you can maybe take a picture of yourself to put on your face to a player you made
  • bring back custom builds
  • How about players that skate the direction that I want then to, and players that shoot when I want them to shoot.
  • When I was playing as goalie in be a pro career, I had a few issues:

    1. I started my career in the OHL, and I was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, On my first year with them, they sent me back down to the OHL. Why couldn't I be sent to the AHL?
    2. I had been the best goalie in the league, with save percentage of 0.955 and a GAA of 0.67, and I got sent down to the OHL because my grades weren't "up to snuff." My suggestion is to not base the players skill off of grades, but more on statistics.
    3. The CPUs are horrible. Absolutely trash. I could play better than them. They pass when nobody is there, and they go to the bench just as their receiving a pass. The CPUs probably pass about a thousand times and miss over half the time. How am I supposed to get any assists? Also, they can't get a single shot on net, and when they do, it's a weak shot. The CPUs need to be fixed
    4. My last concern is the play between the pipes. I save everything due to my positioning, but the unfair shots. Several times CPUs have kicked it in, shot it literally through my pads, throw it in the net, etc. Please fix those glitches.
  • The one thing I want is to play as an NHL player.
  • KHL. Tournament mode for International teams. Breaking the glass with a slap shot. Goalie injuries during a game.
  • NYR7373 wrote: »
    When I was playing as goalie in be a pro career, I had a few issues:

    1. I started my career in the OHL, and I was drafted by the Montreal Canadiens, On my first year with them, they sent me back down to the OHL. Why couldn't I be sent to the AHL?

    I believe in real life if you are still junior eligible, are owed by a CHL franchise, and you don't make the NHL, you have to go to the CHL. You can go to the AHL in your 20 year old year of junior eligibility because there are limits to overage players on CHL rosters. Euros drafted from the CHL have a loop hole because you can only have so many on a CHL team. If that team already filled its import spots, they can go directly to the AHL.

    Now did EA build that fully into the game, not sure, but the general rule is if you are still junior eligible and don't make the show, you're sent back to the CHL.

  • DemigodPC
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    edited December 2017
    Ok here's my Wishlist (Franchise mode only)

    Player/AI - Improved positioning AI, over players running into you and puck possession is now gone
    - Goalie AI improved, for the most part ability to read screen shots, quick flick cross shots, more pressure on attacking players not leaving holes open and also ability to read the obvious one timer
    - Passes to go in the correct direction, even when you direct a pass it goes to the defence and not where it's intended to go, ruins decent setup plays, especially on the rush

    Drafting - If scouting is B+ or above then it should be correct with the players potential the amount of time I've drafted a top 6 or high top 9 where scouting was A- accuracy and the player ended up being a bottom 6
    - players being higher then 55. Even with an red elite it's rare to see a player get up to 83 when they start at 55 and after the 5th draft in the first round 97% of drafted players range from 60-45 overall, it's way to low, I understand if this was only in the 5/6/7th rounds but definitely not the first round or second

    Trades- future considerations is a must
    - it's either trade value is taken seriously or just remove it, the amount of times on easy I've ripped myself off (well tried) and get declined
    - Teams that are on the cap floor or below accept trades with high player salary, for instance Clarkson or Hortons salary to boost their cap to be over regulation cap salary
    - The ability to trade a RFA without automatically getting refused
    - Have players who want out of the team have a preference where they'll like to go to so therefore the entire "players contract expires soon and don't want to take a chance of them not resigning"

    Contracts - So several players have contracts that are 10 plus years and when editing players you can make a player have a 15 year length contract, yet you can only renegotiate a 7 or 8 year contract
    - Players refusing to resign when you get into the playoffs and got high morale, or make it to the SCF and refuse to sign on the premise that you don't win..
    - The ability to sign insurance goalies
    - The ability to sign PTOs
    - The ability of offering a player less money due to them wanting to join a team like Shattenkirk did with the Rangers (this goes back to the legal side of things EA once had when you had star ratings)
    - The ability for players and yourself to add contract stipulations such as NTC and also for players to waive NTC if they want to leave the team or what Jgar had with the Devils, if he played more than half the season he would get an additional 2mil

    Players- Remove morale being lowered from injuries as this makes no sense at all
    - stop morale lowing when a depth player being benched
    - Stop morale being lowered when depth players that are usually scratched not getting enough ice time

    Arenas - after signing a new contract with a new team you usually get a section you can't repair or upgrade, it'll stay at 100%, which is a double end sword, one side is that's you never have to pay for said thing, the other end is you always fail if the owner wants that said thing to be upgraded
    -Having to repair seats, car parks and toilets makes no sense to me as that's never the GM problems but the owner of the arena
    - if EA is content on keeping repairs for seating and toilets than upgrades should be applicable and also extra revenue such as concerts/events which happen in all of NHL arenas
    - Get sponsorship adverts, these can be real paid adverts from whoever pays EA to put an add up, however these should come through as a sponsor with in franchise mode and get revenue for them adverts

    Customisation- remove default faces and add the ability to change eye brows and facial features
    -The ability to create goalie helmets when you make a new franchise or move an existing one
    - The ability to have your logo or teams name on the seats layout like the oilers have
    - Make your own strategy

    Rules - early draws force wingers to take the faceoff
    - fix the buggy goalie interference especially if the goalie played the puck and missed went in or played the puck then gets hit puck bounces off attacking players on the rush and it's a goalie interference or finally where a player is pushed by a defending player into goalie
    - Implement suspensions!

    Misc - remove changing captaincy and alternates when you pick best lines, usually changes the A or C to someone who you brought up from the AHL, this hurts the teams morale massively
    - Implement career ending injuries (obvious these will be rare however these do occur unfortunately in the NHL)
    - Implement the amount of hat tricks a player has got
    - Implement the players penalty shot percentage when taking one
    - Implement a players shootout percentage when taking one
    - Implement goalies save percentage on a penalty shot
    - Implement a goalies win record in a shootout

    There's a lot and most likely we won't see 10% of these until NHL32 but worth saying
  • 10026436 wrote: »
    I would want to see new commentary like Jim & Craig from HNIC with Ron Maclean as the host and Shawn McKenzie doing rinkside.

    they should just have that teams commentary play when playing at that arena. Rather having 2 constant commentators have them all.. yeah I'll get annoyed with the canes keep saying, "hey hey What do you say" or whatever he says but it brings the authentic experience into the game

  • I know the rest of the community will cover the game play aspects of this wish list so I will add just the "fluff" requests:

    1 - Real time hats being thrown on the ice when a player scores a hat trick. The cut scene nonsense just irks me.

    2 - The ability to use heroes, legends, (whatever they call them in HUT) in all modes. I need more Ray Bourque and Johnny Bucyk in my virtual hockey life.

    3 - Although I suspect it's nearly impossible, a real roster merge that doesn't overwrite custom changes and only adds players not on the current active roster. This roster merge should affect all modes, especially GM/Franchise/Season modes already in progress.
    "Just the tip" - Sterling Archer
  • jb431 wrote: »
    EA should take notes from other sports series games like NBA2k and MLB The Show when it comes to 'Be a Pro'. Add in more features like practices where you actually participate in drills to build your character, instead of just clicking on what you want to train in for that week (boring). Then distribute upgrade points based on your performance in those practices. Maybe add things like the badges they have in 2k that upgrade certain parts of your skills based on how often and how well you perform those actions in games. Customizable height, weight, etc that actually affect your speed, strength, and other attributes. Allow that player to be used in eashl. Just don't go overboard and allow someone to easily cheese their way to a 99 in each category. You can institute specific player builds where an offensive defenseman would be stronger in areas like shot power, passing, etc but weaker in physical aspects and vice versa for other player types. Computer AI still needs huge improvement. On breakouts my teammates constantly skate into each other or one of the opponents and lose the puck, or if a puck is dumped in they skate to where the puck is, instead of skating ahead of it to intercept it.

    I couldnt agree more here when it comes to the be a pro mode. essentially it is a dumbed down control of a single player with no input on contracts or any player development other than what happens in game. no input on team or league records, none of that. Take note from The Show. I also think that the way they have some of the player templates setup is pure cheese mode. Sniper is easy mode, Playmaker is easy mode, PF, GR, TWF not so much. the skill setups need to be more customizable, but made so that when you do hit the NHL, you arent a god.
  • Be a ref mode and/or a story mode like Madden or FIFA
  • grubb97 wrote: »
    Be a ref mode and/or a story mode like Madden or FIFA

    Why is the idea of being a ref so appealing to people? They used to have it in WWE games back in the day and the only fun part was screwing over a player you did not like.
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