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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • Ability to press a button on your controller and have the game actually read the input correctly. That would be an AMAZING improvement.
  • I have a lot of concerns. I'm a hard core GM and BAP player and there are so many issues.


    - I hate the fact when you have a 89 overall BAP the coach still puts you on the second line because the team is playing bad. One time my player had 80 points in 60 games and I was on the 4th line as a 91 overall playmaking center which is just dumb, fix it.

    - Also EA you should implement a way so that as you are making your BAP you can edit his overall, including their potential. Maybe somebody wants to develop into a Dustin Brown, like a grit grinder but not develop into a 99 overall, maybe just cap off 85 based on the potential. I know this takes away from the whole point of growing as player but it still would be more fun if a 18 year old kid enters the league and starts to light up the league like Crosby or McDavid. This never happens in the sim, you have to actually play all the games in order to win the Calder.


    - Bring back the legends team, but this time actually put legends on the team (ie. Doug Gilmour, Wendall Clark, Lidstrom, Orr, Mike Bossy or Paul Kariya)

    - Fix the random crashes.

    I really do believe that if you implement a "Journey" kind of thing with hockey like what FIFA did with Alex Hunter, NHL can become the best sports game on the market. However, no matter how much I hate you guys I will always buy the new game every year.

    C'mon dude, you made a very good constructive post, and then ended up ruining the post in one sentence. But I do like your ideas.
  • Yea saying you hate something and then throwing money at it is just wrong. If you really honestly hate it then stay away. You don't go around buying food you hate or buying cars you hate. So why buy a video game you hate?
  • Just bumping this post so EA gets the damn hint where things need to be changed
  • j5bogdas wrote: »
    I would like if when I pressed the button to change to a different player, the computer changes to a different player.

    REVOLUTIONARY, right ea?

    This will be introduced as a new feature in nhl 23.
  • Passing - fix passing, with skill stick have pass button as the X and then make the stick lift the r2..I find with r2 I can never get a really hard pass off....the passing needs to improve
  • A "no dump" option in EASHL would be frickin fantastic

    I'd love to see player positions be taken out for the EASHL 3's mode. Rather annoying to be forced into a specific player build when playing with all human players.

    Better puck control and pick ups and bring back the hip check please and thank you
  • I believe that NHL19 needs to be better and stop being the same game over and over again. For a example

    1.) have a Be A Ref Mode. This would be fun to make random calls and lead your favorite team to the cup.
    2.) during intermission and your watching the highlights in that period. Have some hit/shots/saves in slow motion. Don’t make it look boring.
    3.) during intermission when you resume the game. Instead of looking at a black screen make it so you looking inside that locker room make it more entertaining and less boring.
    4.) bring back braking the glass from hitting some one to hard or shooting it to hard. That being said. Bring back where if you hit someone they go over the players bench.
    5.) when you get sent to the box have “A” “B” “X” or “Y” to (argue) with the ref for a short period of time.
    6.) have a going through high school career. I feel like more people would play if you start young and work your way up to the big leagues. And have like a show case of the past years and leagues.
    7.) when viewing the stats of the periods or game have more information such as.
    Number of one timers. Or chances taken but missed. Number of times hit the post”
    8.) when playing be a career mode. Have fake tweets of people routing for your team.
    9.) this one will be hard but have first person game modes make it look like the person is really playing
    10.) have a all star mode. Shootouts, fastest time skating, hardest slap shot etc
    11.) when th center messes up a draw make it so the refs throw him off and throws in the winger.

    If you just put most of these ideas in the game. More people will play and the rates will go up. I feel as tho many will agree
  • First person is possible and has already been done in a hockey game.

    Some of your other ideas while neat I'd say they have two things to work on. 1 make it for pc, 2 fix all the problems with the core engine and controls. Then add any fluff game modes.

    People expected that to be done in 15 which was stripped out but instead it's just been a lack luster product year after year.

    The part I can't understand is why people are still buying it.
  • Be a ref mode? That wouldn't be very popular IMO. Maybe "unintentionally " bump a ref mode lol
    I played this game and I love it so far. I've been playing the NHL series ever since it came out. I didn't play NHL 17 and took a year off from it. Having a fresh look at it made me appreciate the game more.
    I'm only five games into my franchise but I haven't see. Any fighting. I actually don't really miss it but has it been taken out?
  • No they haven’t took out fighting. And I believe be a ref would be a very popular game mode because if you ever play EASHL or Club they will definitely say be a ref mode would be a good
    Idea/game mode.
  • HUNTERSUBB wrote: »
    No they haven’t took out fighting. And I believe be a ref would be a very popular game mode because if you ever play EASHL or Club they will definitely say be a ref mode would be a good
    Idea/game mode.

    EA will not put resources into being a ref for all of the 5 people that would buy the game for it....

    Can't be a ref in basketball, soccer, football or baseball.

    Can't be the time keeper or pit crew leader in racing games.

    Can't be the zamboni driver.

    Can't be a caddy in golf games.

    There is a reason for this. No one cares for it.

    And before you suggest it, no, there won't be a Be A Popcorn Vendor, or, Be a Mascot, or Be a Cheerleader mode.
  • Buck_Nasty_8014
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    true commentary franchise mode. a more in-depth and interactive wa to call the game. there actaully talking about your stats and percentages everything you would hear in a real game but basised off of the story your creating. not just the same generic commentary that never changes the same game in and game out. by season 3 it doesnt even make sense. more creative powers for logo design and goalie mask. you should be able to design them from scratch. add more jerseys to your expansion team as the years go by. and also i think its very important the ability to create players while in a franchise mode. you can bring in when you start but you should be able to create your own and put them in the draft or FA. and add more legend names on play by name and add Marano as one of those names please.. as well as your ability to edit your attributes while in franchise mode along with hairstyle. full color control for your zones on your uniform for example Tampa logo its just one zone one color why cant i put 3 or 4 or 5 or as many colors as i want. more stats like point streak hat tricks fight win losses etc coaches corner and player interviews in between periods bring the all star game back as an option to play as well as the events during the weekend. and the winter classic. make the trading so your not always the one getting ripped off. and there trade offers are laughable. even to the point where i will decline and then offer them 2 draft picks for the same type of player for them to deny it. i can go on for days.
  • My thoughts:

    1. That'd be hilarious fun, but could get old quickly and won't be worth it to put in a game.
    2. Yes. YES. YES! NHL 2k6 notably (which I have put more hours into than NHL 18, by the way) has done this, and it looks great. Really helps the immersion, like you're actually on NBCSN (or in 2k's case, the 2kSports network).
    3. More immersive cutscenes at the start/end of periods would definitely be nice.
    4. Makes sense. It happens. Not a huge deal when it does.
    5. Kind of a weird suggestion. I personally wouldn't advocate for it.
    6. Being able to start in different leagues rather than just the CHL has been a long-standing suggestion to improve BAP. I'd suggest adding in playable European Leagues into the game before anything else.
    7. More stats would be kinda cool. Would give players more opportunities to screenshot and send to EA about how the game has ice tilt.
    8. The game's Message Center, which is barely used, kind of has that already with the analysts "tweeting" out stuff, but there's no fans there. The message center has been made so irrelevant that I doubt it'd make a meaningful impact.
    9. As stated before, First Person mode is possible, but in my eyes, would be REALLY difficult to execute on console. Controlling the player would be really awkward, so it's most likely not worth it to put in. It ju'd st wouldn't be fun to play.
    10. This makes sense, and should have been added in LONG ago. I'll refer back to the 2k series, which had this as a fully fledged game mode in Franchise (even for scouting, you can play games/all star events for prospects as part of your scouting routine. It's quite unique).
    11. Makes sense. It's definitely a better solution than just automatically losing a faceoff just because you were a split second early.
    Overall, had some good suggestions in there. I'd totally vouch for a few of these features to make it into the game.
  • Eashl could use some SIMPLE changes.
    - name your players, why should we HAVE to play with the same guys on our team that everyone else has? This is a simple addition!
    - let us decide on archetype and tendencies of those players.. I'm so tired of my guys dumping it if I set back to defend on their break.. Maybe I'd like to play with a defensive defenseman or have one that can slap shot with some accuracy and won't keep trying to force the puck up.
    - set a base strategy so I don't have to each game.

    As others have mentioned I think having a 2k like story would be great! It should not be hard or long to "max out" your player just allow us to create our archetype, give attributes and play a short story and allow that player to be used in eashl. The archetype now works but I would like more control over how my player handles. I think having areas to customize my player and play with other teams would be fun. Having "my pond" to face other teams in 3's and 6's have teams scout for eashl squads.
  • in real life, if you love hockey and arent good enough to play it but skate well, you can be a ref. In a game, you always are good enough to play so if you still want to be a ref, its because you dont love hockey and so you should probably play the "be a player for another game" mode.
  • Put the online co-op back like it was in NHL 17
  • 1. NHL Live
    Similar to Madden and NBA. Weekly roster and commentary updates (since every day is asking too much), display real life stats and records in-game. I don't have too much time for NHL these days, so if I could turn on the game and play an offline or online game and have all the stats, records, and rosters be up to date, with commentary about how the Flyers are doing (i.e., their current record, streak, who is hot and cold, and so forth) that would be great.

    2. Significant Gameplay Improvements
    Not 100% sure what I mean by this, but I think we can all agree, the gameplay has felt fairly similar from NHL 16-NHL 18. I guess I'd like to see significant changes to how goalies play in order to open up scoring somewhat (less sliding and predictability), maybe make the puck looser, I'm not sure. I know they are trying with things like defensive skill stick and all the new dekes this year, but those things do not significantly impact the "feel" of gameplay, and NHL 19 desperately needs to "feel" different than NHL 16-18.

    3. Graphics and Animation Improvements
    Game looks great in 4K on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, but I'd like to see additional graphical enhancements, specifically HDR implementation. Also higher resolution textures during gameplay, improvements to lighting and shadows, more authentic player faces, authentic coaches, etc. I think much of this could be accomplished by bringing over / implementing Frostbite in the same way Madden and FIFA have done the last year or two.

    I've never been a huge fan of the generic player models and how the same ones are seemingly used for every player. I'd like to see more realistic player models and more diversity and personalization in things like skating and shooting. They did a great job personalizing goalie stances and I'd like to see that for players somewhat. I think these changes, in addition to being nice from an aesthetic perspective, will help differentiate NHL 19 from the last few games since I think many players feel the gameplay is getting stale.

    4. Continued Improvements to Online Connectivity and Reliability
    Self explanatory.

    5. GM Connected
    Please bring it back, with improvements. I know it requires a ton of resources and not many people played or finished their franchises, but it was a really great online experience when you had a league with many guys who were committed. This is one of the few modes that would bring me back to playing NHL regularly

    6. Narrative Driven Offline Career Mode (aka The Journey (FIFA), whatever it's called in Madden and NBA Live)
    While this is a mode I might not play myself, I think this would be a good inclusion and would be something we've never had before in the franchise.

    This is asking a lot, so I'd take things like graphics, gameplay, return of GM Connected, NHL Live in NHL 19, and maybe a narrative driven offline mode like the Journey in NHL 20.
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    Having the ability to play franchise mode with a friend online would be ideal. EASHL has been a huge disappointment lately. My team will win a game, then something happens where it doesn't count as a win and we don't get any points. VERY FRUSTRATING! The constant "Connection Lost" is another great NHL18 feature. What I would like to see in NHL19,

    • Online co-op in Franchise Mode
    • More servers for a smoother online experience
    • BAP mode similar to what 2K has been doing with NBA
    • Change the hybrid control configuration back to what it was in 17 (poke check as square - PS4) changing it was stupid
    • Carrying your BAP over from the previous game
  • Ability to use more than 1 team in GM Mode
    Ability to see what team the players were on each year in the stat screen
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