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NHL 19 Wishlist


  • And new announcers like Joe Bowen & Jim Ralph of the Leafs.
  • All this "be a ref" mode talk is insane. Why on earth would they ever add that?

    Can you imagine how many screw jobs there would be if you could be a ref online? Seriously....
  • STOP WITH BE A REF MODE!!! It's dumb!!!
    As I always say, you want to be a ref? Get certified and become one in a local league and get paid for it.
  • Honestly they just need to completely rehaul the skating. I almost blow a gasket when my guy skates slow looping circles around a loose puck that's right in front of him and can't pick it up. Make a hard stop button. Hockey skating is all about starts and stops and pulling back on the joystick for that slow motion stop doesn't even cut it for beer league
  • joefitz22
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    1. So basically you want to Cheat your opponent out of a goal/win by making Random Calls all in the name of Leading your favorite team to the Cup....am I reading that correctly?

    2. I like where you are going with that! I have SUGGESTED THAT before on the old forums (EA ROGER, BEN did you read what I just typed?....I don’t always Criticize for the sake of Criticizing). I always thought it would enhance/help the IMMERSION ASPECT of BAP and BAGM if you could (during intermission or end of the game) watch highlights of other games around the league! NHL92 for Sega Genesis and the PC DOS version had it, could scroll through other scores and at least one game had Highlights you could watch! * Your BAP is neck and neck with Ovechkin for the Richard Trophy! Lead Ovechkin by 1 goal! Last game of regular season, you tally 1 goal...now lead Ovi by 2 goals! Caps are on West Coast and there are Highlights of 1st period...0 goals for Ovi so far! 2nd period Highlights reveal 1 goal by Ovi! 3rd period reveals Ovi tallies the HT to overtake you and Wins the Richard Trophy! To me that type of IMMERSION is more interesting than Mascots or Vendors in the stands!

    3. I like that idea, was it 2k or ESPN National Hockey Night that had a similar feature?

    4. How often does glass break in a real NHL game anymore? I mean glass technology has come a long way in 30yrs, stronger than it used to be!

    5. Maybe when I was a young lad that might have been fun but not so much now.

    6. I don’t even follow real High School Sports, no interest in starting my video game Hockey career there either!

    7. I really like that idea, maybe use a on ice graphic to show those stats.

    8. Meh no interest! Gameplay needs to be fixed before any extra Fluff gets added.

    9. I know there is a first person type Hockey game out there, just don’t think technology is fully there just yet though!

    10. Really like this idea, I would make it hard to get to the ASG though! Force people to play a all around 200 foot game. What I mean is anyone can stick tap (puck hog) their way to a 100 goal season!

    11. I made that SUGGESTION God knows how many times on the Old Forums! Getting kicked out of the Face Off Dot is a important strategical part of the game of Hockey but noooooo we get Mascots and Vendors (which has Nothing to do with actual Gameplay)

    *Edited: found a video of what I was talking about, Highlights of other games. the 1st intermission other game Highlight is from Caps/Hawks! Jump to the 7:05 mark of video and watch

  • Just fix the game...I don't care about adding anything if they can't get hockey right. All we were told..the focus was on AI. Well my players still shoot at my own goalie spin around in circles..stop for no reason when u pass it to them Ha skating backwards a lot for no reason ...example let's skate backwards so you are off sides. The way the games seems to say Na u don't get to touch the puck until you either trip the other team or they score. For everyone's sanity DO NOT do a story mode. Focus on the game of hockey stop with the cosmetics focus on HOCKEY. So if 19 is just a roster update..Just send the update out when the new season starts. I wouldn't mind they take a break and focus on NHL 2020 . I am sure I'm not alone.
  • Hello. I am a big fun of nhl game and i am playing it since 1999 on pc and now nhl 18 on ps4. My favorite mode is GM mode. I think that can be great if its possible to play in nhl 19 play with realistic lineups and roasters not only last season but for example last 5 or 10 seasons becasue ea used real roasters every year and for example somebody want to play season 2011/2012 with actually quality ps4 game! This can be in my oppenion would be great for big fans to play gm mode also past seasons not only the last.
    Thanks for read my offer...
  • trw1987
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    Photo upload logos for EASHL, franchise etc., digital photo uploads for faces, allow for photo uploads for masks

    Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson with Ray Ferarro.

    Progressive builds

    More jersey designs, more sock designs.

    When creating teams, go back to the tile interface, the colour wheel thing gets tedious sometimes when trying to match.

    Best of 5 series for monthly playoffs
  • 1. Let us see out opponents in online VS prior to committing to a game (as was the case in prior versions). Painful to get a game and not see that you have a poor connection until the loading screen. Also I'm tired of getting paired up with people who are selecting all star teams and Team Canada when I'm picking average NHL teams. You used to be able to change teams upon seeing your opponent. Why take this out?
    2. Stretch passes toward the offensive blue line from my zone result in my receiving player automatically skating as fast as possible over the blue line before the puck arrives - and this is impossible to control. It would also be nice to be able to chip pucks in off your stick with one touch.
    3. Pleeeease add one-touch passes for when your skating towards a loose puck. The only option currently is to chop at the puck and have it go in some vague direction I intended or control it for a second to make a real pass, only to get the crap checked out of me. It's not that hard in real life to make a one touch controlled pass as you skate to a loose puck.
    4. All checking works too well when you're chasing down a puck carrier from behind. I'll be skating full speed with the puck and some guy barely touches me from behind with a body check and i fall down.
    5. IMO the poke check and stick sweep are still pretty weak when defending against the pass in your own zone. People complain about the poke check being too powerful, but the special deking is getting insane and leads to play focused on skating around and dangling instead of passing the puck.
    6. The saucer pass is too powerful. Even if my players legs are in front of it it'll go though the legs every time, whereas the on-ice pass gets blocked. Tired of watching the saucer pass go right through my guys legs and skates.

  • 7. FORGOT A BIG ONE. The smaller version of the game clock does not disappear in time when I'm in the upper left corner of the offensive zone and I can't see the puck!! And yes, I have the settings selected for it to hide when the puck is near.
  • Hello EA Team members and EA community.

    I would Like to start with Be Pro, it is my favourite Mode in the game. sadly i haven't bough NHL 18 so i don't really know the changes EA made. I didnt buy it because i researched the game and many people told me they didn't do a lot of key changes so i boycotted it. For me to buy another EA NHL game is the be a pro should be taken seriously and realistic. I am focusing more on the goalie aspect as it is my favourite postion.

    1. The number one complaint i have is how unrealistic it is. Add a NHL hall of fame just like madden
    2. The overall system, if i am overall 90 i should be considered an franchise or elite goalie not a starting AHL goalie. Even at draft if i am drafted in the 1st 5 picks i should be considered an elite goalie automatically.
    3. No loosening starts, if i have a few bad games i shouldn't be punished to a point where i lose most of my starts. very goalie has a bad game and when your team is 60-10-2 it makes it very unrealistic.
    4. siming, in madden be a pro its perfect i can sim how many games i want and i don't not lose my starting position. You can't play all your games in a 20 year carrier or less.
    5. can i please also have my name in the game "josh" how can you not have josh as a play by name.
    6. Interviews would also be amazing with a better Feed page.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and when EA NHL revamp Be a Pro ill be waiting in line to buy NHL 19. Hope for the best thanks
  • I would want to see upload your own image for create a team and make it so you can type the city your team is going to be from like Quincy MA in Ma i cant use that and its so stupid and make it so you can change your jersey number for be a pro and finally bring back practice and make it so when you do training actually show you practicing on ice Finally for be a pro make be a referee where you make penalty calls and bring back winter classic and for real add in all star game for you to play in be a pro thx guys
  • No ref mode no story mode . Just fix the game. Stop giving us a roster update...only reason people bought 18 was the game added a new team..we all bought the lies . Some paid $80 plus on this. But here we are all complaining after EA got our money..THEY DONT CARE. we just hope someone reads our complaints. Pretty much done with the forums to. Game is more frustrating then anything and that's with sliders on my side..If I play franchise I'll play one full game (maybe ) and sim 10-20 . Injuries off because don't want the goalie getting hurt...doesn't happen with injuries set all the way up while playing games. Only way this game is OK is 6 on 6 online with no lag..even then u realise what's the point. Drop ins are just a time killer they accomplish nothing .
  • This will never happen, but how bout you get rid of HUT. It is just not fun when the games are determined by ice tilt. Spend time building a team just to lose to a bronze team that I out played.

    Just start from scratch. There are so many bugs that I don't think that you can do anything to fix it.

    The game was way more fun on last gen. Maybe take 11 or 12 and give it a roster and graphics update. The last game without HUT, was the last one that worked somewhat correctly.
  • Wishlist for NHL 19

    1. Dont make the game
  • Just make a remake of 2012 or 2013. The games have become a disaster after those ones.

    Battle for the Cup for instance... Sometimes I think that EA imagines that the game is only played online.
    90% of my time with the games are when im having friends over.

    Bring back classic oldschool teams, like the 1909 Canadiens, CCCP from the 80s etc.
    Make the game FUN to play with someone.

  • I would like to create my own custom logos and goalie masks (Maybe using the same system as COD or forza does with geometrical shapes) I would like to be able to create and use my own jesey designs and implement them at any time during my franchise career. Realistically no team has the same jersey for 25 years.. I'd like to be able to control more than one team in franchise mode ala Madden as I enjoy playing with many different teams.I'd like to bring back real life coaches faces. I'd like to see the ability to hire and or fire coaches and or staff such as in Madden. Also I would like to see some kind of consequence to hiring/firing coaches. I'd like to see player suspensions and actual goalie injuries. Lastly I would absolutely love to see a throwback franchise mode where we as players could play and manage the greats.
  • Please add the correct logo for AIK in hockeyallsvenskan. The logo that is in the game now is wrong.
  • bryta47 wrote: »
    Wishlist for NHL 19

    1. Dont make the game

    Or take terrible teams like Leksand out of the game.
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