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Theres nothing like ...

Preparing and studying for tests over the weekend because Monday I have to spend all day at class only to be free late at night , so try to get my hockey fix before I wake up early again for class the next day ,

Only to have the ONE drop-in game im able to play be absolutely ruined and trolled by a HUMAN GOALIE who thought it was funny to run out of his crease all game and be a total 🎃🎃🎃🎃 in net for 3 periods .

Kicker here is the anti-trolling measures are a joke . the Goalie was allowed to do this all game without any consequneces.

No. I don't have time for club. Yes I know drop-in is for only losers who aren't good enough to be on club or losers who drop in with a whole squad Bexuase they need their ego boost beating up randomss in dropins.

I can deal with the scrubs. Can't deal with a troll who does as he pleases with no consequneces .



  • Club should be more like counter strike competitive. You can queue with any size team up to 5. Any less the open spots aren't filled by ai they are filled by humans looking to play a competitive game. Sure you run into people trolling and that's why you have a vote kick.

    Imo the ai should not be a thing in the eashl competitive modes. So you can do drop in for a more casual experience and club/comp for a more competitive experience.
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