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3 Things that need to be fixed ASAP!

The title says everything.

3 major things that need to be fixed ASAP as these 3 things can be really annoying to deal with and rattling when they happen during games that make fewer people want to play EASHL. I'm not sure if these 3 things happen a lot in other game modes because I don't play any other game mode besides EASHL, but it does happen a lot when playing EASHL.

1) Game loops — This isn't the most important problem out of these 3 problems, but this can be really annoying to deal with when seen.

2) Goals don't count — This is the most important problem out of these 3 problems that needs to be fixed ASAP! It can be really annoying to see your goals not count after being scored on the scoreboard as sometimes goals get erased from the scoreboard. This issue not only has happened to ME many of times but I've seen it happen to others a lot as well.

3) Timer gets reset — This is the second most annoying and rattling thing on this list that needs to be fixed ASAP! I'm not a goalie, but I'm sure goalies out there had shutouts going till the end at the timer gets reset by a couple of minutes or whatever having the goalies to fight even harder and longer for their shutout. I've had a game where we were winning by 1 goal, 0.2 seconds left in the 3rd period game about to end and the timer gets reset by a couple of minutes giving the team more time to score a goal and win the game, that's exactly what happen... We lost the game because this wonderful game of NHL 18 with all these bugs/problems allowed the opposite team to have more time instead of the game ending like it should have.

I know these 3 things can be easily fixed, maybe they can't be easily fixed but I'm sure EA has heard a lot of other feedback from the community and I'm not the only person talking about these 3 problems that need to be fixed.

Who participates in LG or any other competitive 6v6 league?

These 3 things can be REALLY annoying and rattling to deal with when playing LG/VG or any other 6v6 league games!


  • dude all three are the same thing Looping ( DE SYNCING) affects the game looping to the last faceoff when goals are taking away u will see it will be back at the last faceoff before it happened
  • don't disagree with you that those things are big problems and should be fixed. But whether or not these are "easy" fixes is relative.

    This team has proven that there is nothing "easy" to fix. Major issues usually last quite a long time, sometimes a products entire life cycle.

    Heck game loops have been around for 5 years. Seems like this year's the worst it's ever been though.

    If I was a betting man, I would say 1 out of 3 of these will ever be fixed and I wouldn't count on it any time soon.
  • the imput lag from 16 didn't get fixed till February so........
  • the imput lag from 16 didn't get fixed till February so........

    That never got fixed. It still happens in 18 just as it did 17, 16, and 15.
  • MetalMilitia623
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    And people wonder why I stopped supporting a company like this. They've shown across all platforms and studios under their conglomerate they no longer care about making games and just want to milk the gamers for as much money and as little effort as possible.

    Their goal is to pay in as little as possible and get as much out as they can.
    Kinda like this... Pretty pathetic what the aaa gaming community has come to since its high point in 2007.

    Also that is an actual ad posting by gs...
  • EA had a highpoint?
    Well maybe in the C64 days, when there was some innovation in there games.
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