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I've only just started taking HUT seriously this year. I Normally play EASHL and was looking for advice about my current lineup:-


Ekman Larson-Suter


Thanks :)


  • Try to have Dmen on their off-hand sides to let them effectively bomb one timers, especially on PP. And definitely have Giroux playing center instead of Eichel, he has really great faceoffs. All other centers you have also have quite bad faceoff ratings, adding Bergeron or Getzlaf to win draws could be wise :blush:
  • :) thanks, I'll shift around a few players. Would you suggest scratching any players and replacing them with others?
  • Like he said, get some centers with good face off ratings.
  • Same idea, your team lacks on face-off abilities. You need to move Giroux into the center position any may need to add another center with an 85+ face-off rating (e.g. FO Toews, 88 overall and 90 face-offs / or regular Bergeron).
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