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Threes Not Saving Circuit Progress

I played the Pacific Circuit in Threes and unlocked a bunch of stuff. Exited the mode, powered down. Later came back, all progress gone.
So I played the first threes match again, then finished and backed out to the game's main start screen. Loaded Threes again, and that progress too was gone. Seems weird.

Anybody else having this problem? I'm not seeing that there's even an option to save manually within the mode. Is there a general setting somewhere outside Threes itself that needs attention to fix this problem?


  • I am but clearly this forum is useless.
  • OK Figured I'd add some insight because EA can't be bothered to answer their paying customers. I uninstalled NHL and deleted the save on the Xbox and Cloud (you will lose all progress). Originally I uninstalled and reinstalled and kept the cloud backup. However, it still wouldn't save until I deleted the save data(ie: not the game but its settings.)
  • CTSeabass
    1 posts New member
    Well this happened to me yesterday when I finally tried out 'Threes'.
    I spent hours and when I returned =NOTHING SAVED.
    *started over as an experiment and waited to see if there was a save prompt I missed or what &
    never saw or noticed a save prompt of any kind...
    ****I don't think there is anything unique about my xbox or EA account setup to warrant this..
    im convinced it is universal & nobody cares about the game mode...

    *I did consider saving my cloud saves to USB but that's TOO EXPENSIVE for just 1 game mode that probably wont be the fix anyways..

    *And this made it past testing how???!!!!!!
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