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My frustration with NHL 18/Series and ROSTER UPDATE!

I've bough the game on release date every year since NHL 13. Like on the day, I bought it... and played it, and enjoyed most of them. NHL 17 IMO is the best one, maybe NHL 14. I don't know.

This year, with so much HUT stuff rolling out from NHL 17, I decided not to buy it. I'll probably get it, on a Dec/Jan Christmas sale, but 100% not getting it for over 30 bucks. Just not doing it.

So I've held true, and I still own my NHL 17.

What really got me mad was last night, the 1st roster update was released, but I saw they didn't release it for NHL 17? Why? To force people into buying your game so you can lazily release a roster update 1 time a month?

So you can bust out new HUT cards every 2 days, but screw over the roster?

Either add the ability to use shared rosters, or at least let us trade draft picks in the game.

I mean I'd just do my own rosters if I could trade draft picks.

Will NHL 17 get any roster updates this year? Surely it will.


  • Nope. Once the new game comes out, they stop release roster updates on the previous iteration.
  • It sure would be nice if they still supported NHL Legacy though since that is the last version on the older hardware. We know how that goes though.
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