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Alright so I am looking to upgrade my team a little bit one player at a time, I assume I am going to get a lot of flack for the team I have considering it is not as highly rated as most teams I have been seeing but more average to the good side I would say but am looking for any suggestions of who to add to my team. I have some players in mind close to getting FO Toews and thinking about saving up for Legend Cujo, Also wanting to add Evo Subban in place of regular Subban and would like to get TOTW Kuzy to replace my reg Kuzy, As well am also looking to add FB Koivu and FB Gaborik but my current lineups are:


  • Gaudreau Backstrom PT Simmonds
    Hall Kuzy Pasternak
    Pacci Mckinnon Panarnin
    Droiun Johanson Marner ***** I know this is a scrub line compared to the rest but these are the players im looking to slowly swap out for new players

  • Ekman-Larson,Weber ***** Would like ot add Hedman to the first line and push Ekman and Josi
    down one line each

  • Open to any suggestions wanting to add thoe few players mentioned above but anyone have any recommendations to help a brother out just looking to add up some more synergies and swap out at least 1 person from every position, would like to get 1 of each RW, LW,C,LD,RD,G
  • Have not spent any money on packs yet and do not plan to have just been playing challenges at the moment!
  • If you want all those players it's going to cost you. You have to decide whether you want a good team now or in January if your not going to spend money. I have not spent a dime, my team is awful right now, but I'm building for the long haul. I would not invest in base expensive base players for the long term, you have to be willing to flip anyone at anytime.
  • Oh I forgot do not pay big coin for a goalie. Just trust me on this one.
  • Fair enough I almost have the FO toews and will be working on getting Legend Cujo next or one of the flashbacks either Koivu or Gaborik with the team I have now, I dont have any issues winning games or completing most challenges but would like to start adding some higher rated players with multiple synergies I find it is pretty easy to save playing challenges and games offline and online so getting the pucks to get the players isnt a huge worry as I am decent at playing the market and making the coins but am wondering if there are any players or synergy combos that I have not thought of that would help the team out more I am good to flip any of the players I have but most of them are under 40k of the players I own
  • Ok my bad I was thinking you were a total newbie. Looks like u have a pretty good game plan coins wise. I can't help you on your team question then, I've invested in collectables and evolution players. My team is terrible.
  • I agree goalies are hit and miss deff matter more on the ability of play not the goalie I am a huge Habs fan though So I did have to Buy Price but I got him for 35K was a pretty lucky grab off of the market but hey Ill take it, I like most of the players I have now minus about 1 on each line so just looking to improove the lines and some players with the special crads rather than just haveing a team filled with base players so not wasting anymore coins on base players but deff looking to see if there are any other recommended players besides FO Toews, FB Koivu, FB Gaborik, LEG Cujo, also going to get special crads for all players I currently have jus tnot sure if there is a player that I am not using that I should be.... I have heard a lot of good things about Laines shooting being very good but is he worth the pucks to add to the team!?!
  • fair enough man I appreciate the help non the less, and ya at the moment thats what I am doing just saving up collectibles trying to get higher rated special player cards
  • Cujo was really bad in last years game. Couldn’t stop anything top shelf. Haven’t tried him this year tho
  • Ah well than maybe not going to pick him up just looking for a decent back up with a lot of synergies I am not sure If I am going to use him much or not yet want a goalie that will have TN and S synergy if possible
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