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Drawing a Penalty

Hey any one got any suggestion on how to draw a penalty on the all-star team for the last challenge Penalty Power in the 3 star challenges I have scored the power play goal and won the game but they are being real a**holes and not taking any penalties any suggestions on how to draw one from them!


  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    edited October 2017
    The CPU will only send one attacker so hover around your own blue line, protect puck against the attacker and keep skating in circles, zigging and zagging with him at your back until he eventually hooks/high sticks you.
  • Ahhhhh sounds good thanks man, Was skating arund in my own zone on and off and they would throw the stick up every now and than but other players would come interfere or they would pull off a very nice stick lift without the penalty aha, deff going to try this once I get home tonight though!
  • *Close to the blue line but inside it
  • Sounds good will give er a try tonight, going to try and complete that one and trying to complete the shut out against SanJose, keep coming so close to this one they just get a few shots near the end of the second period and score like clockwork every game but I am just going to focus on scoring a goal and playing keep away for the rest of the time
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