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Devs explain this

How come every year including this year, my goalies always have an 80 or lower save % In franchise mode? Even when I double up in shots every game and rarely give up quality chances, my 88 overall goalie gets beat constantly from weak wristers with no traffic.

Explain why user goalies, year after year, are completely useless


  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    edited October 2017
    To make the games competitive the CPU has to score but considering periods are condensed, shot % needs to be increased ultimately lowering user SA%
  • B_Bunny
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    Because youre not playing 20 minute periods.
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  • Well, what length periods are you using and what game style are you playing?

    On the full sim setting, I had to lower the recommended 10 minutes to 8 cause the shots were too high (both ways). A dev on here recommended the lowering to 8, and it does seem to be the "sweet spot" as he put it.
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