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Oct Roster Update - Affected AI ?

I'm a position lock player. Had some great sliders going. Then, I downloaded the latest roster update (October). Am I crazy or is anyone else noticing these changes?

- The AI is harder to play against. I haven't touched my sliders. In two games I lost 6-2 and 6-1. I was Vegas playing against Boston. Also, Boston reached the 40+ shot mark both games. In my 3rd game, I am playing as Boston against Vegas. Vegas feels the same way...tough and putting shots up on net like crazy. Other games have felt the same. Feel like I'm on Superstar mode.

- The AI penalties are non-existent. Pre roster update, there were probably 2-3 per team per game. Now, not one penalty called on the AI. In probably 4 games since the roster update, not one penalty has been called.

Anyone else seeing these things??


  • Just played another game as Boston against Vegas. 4 power plays for VGK and 0 for me. Plus, I feel like I'm playing on Superstar mode. This game is losing it's fun real fast.
  • I played a game with my created team last night that I lost to The Blues(solid, deep roster, no bias because they are my hometown team) and they kicked the ever loving $#!+ out of me! I think the final score was 12-10. My team is build around defense and goaltending(92 and 90 respectively out of the expansion draft). I have NEVER given up that many goals. It was a little silly. Every time I scored, they scored within about 30 seconds. i thought it was just me but now I don't feel so bad.
  • Glad someone else is experiencing the same thing. I wanted to play quite a few games before making the assumption. I've played a good 10+ games with the new roster and definitely something odd is happening.

    I assume I can go back to the previous roster update and test that again. If I don't experience the same issues, it's safe to say it's a roster update issue.

    Shots: Pre-roster update the AI would get around 25-33 shots per game. Now, they hit over 35 and a lot of games are 40+ to my mid 20's.

    Penalties: Pre-roster update AI would have at least 1-2 penalties a game. SInce the update, don't think I've seen one penalty taken by the AI.

    Shot Accuracy: Also seemed to have increased. Scores pre-update were close with occasional blow outs. Three games in a row, the AI has scored 5+ goals a game.
  • Definitely need to take a break from this game. Tried the last roster update and same crud again. Seems like since the last roster "installed", the game just changed. All Star mode feels like Superstar mode now. No way does All Star feel like the "balanced" mode anymore.
  • Yeah, on these HUT challenges, I just lost on Pro.. I haven't lost on pro in seven years.

    I mean, I sort of dominated play, ya know running around the out-of-position AI, but I couldn't get any past the goalie. I usually have no problem scoring 3 or 4 on Pro in these 2 minute period challenges. They scored their usual bad angle shot and the one where you take the puck carrier wide but they move your d-men out of position and have one of their forwards behind your d-men and your goalie follows the pass and the forward has a wide open net.

    So I lost 2-0 and didn't get any of the stars. So I guess the idea is to have you waste HUT resources?

    This game is a real mind-job this year. It's becoming such a waste of time. If the goal was to attract more casual players... how? Friggin how are they going to be able to learn the game, the wonky controls, and put up with all the garbage this game throws our way. And how are veterans of this game not going to see right through this crap.
  • Sgt_Kelso
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    people complain about unrealistic AI and game difficulty, and how do the devs respond?

    They crank up the difficulty even more! :#

    Shows all those whiners, right?

    I guess HUT isn't selling as good as before, so they try to push people towards HUT more by making single-player modes really annoying... and at the same time they make challenges overly difficult, so less people get them reward packs. EA wants your money!
  • Play on allstar and turn your human goalie sliders up to 80 percent.use all other sliders on default and the game is fair
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