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25 shots on goal challenge



  • Shoot at the goalie when you enter the zone. Make him cover it up. Win faceoff, rinse and repeat. If you lose faceoff, get aggressive on poking. Don't even try to score the entire game. Try to keep it 0-0. Makes it all easier. I just did one of the Halloween challenges and had 20 shots through 2.. Just picked up rebounds and did wraparound as the puck doesn't bounce too far away and is loose in front sometimes.
  • scanyman82 wrote: »
    28 shots after OT

    see, good job man
  • ESPOtheDON wrote: »
    scanyman82 wrote: »
    28 shots after OT

    see, good job man

    Thanks dude, after days and days trying I left it alone, went back to it and did it on the 2nd attempt. Leading 1-0 in the third with 22 shots I pulled my goalie gave the cpu a goal and took it to OT.

    Anyone else struggling, I found the following tip to be really useful.
    Shoot from really tight angles and the puck will come back to you off the keeper like 8 times out of 10.
    I just got level with the goal and took a shot every time. Worked for me.
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