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Position Lock vs CPU Sliders

I've been hearing both sides of this. When playing Position Lock, one thing I hear is that the HUM sliders affect everyone on your team, even if you're not controlling them. Then, I hear the other side where the CPU sliders affect the players on your team. Anyone know for sure about this? I remember a conver with NHLDEV and they were going to confirm this but haven't heard back.

I also ask because I have the CPU Penalties at 100 and my teammate penalties at 53. Even with it at 100, the CPU hardly takes penalties, but my teammates are taking 5+ penalties a game. Makes me think some sliders actually control both sides.

I was really enjoying this game up to the last tuner / patch / roster update. Now the game, on All Star, feels like Superstar. And I can't make changes unless I know what needs or should be changed.

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