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Match making query

In competitive seasons do you get matched with players who’s squads are at a similar level to yours or is it just random luck.
For example if I built a squad of silver players would I get matched with similar online??

Apologies in advance for the noob question lol


  • Not players. I think it's rank. It will start looking for someone else to you and the. Expand out high and low until it finds someone
  • So put out your best team
  • So put out your best team

    I can’t win a game. Seriously, played over 30 cs games and won 2 (won of which was by disconnection) spend whole games under pressure at my own net, anytime I get near the opponents offensive zone I lose the puck and it’s back to defending again. I had an all 88-90 team and in a moment of pure frustration and anger I auctioned off the entire squad. Mcdavid, Weber, Halloween Hedman, TOTW Simmonds etc etc

    I love this game, a great alternative in the uk to boring, slow, cheaty Fifa but I can’t win a game for toffee and it’s really frustrating.

    Was planning on starting again with a more basic squad
  • I'm very sorry that you can't win. But dumbing down your squad will not help. No matter what anyone says. I know when I'm rolling over a team, they seem to be holding the puck way to long. Pass more. Work on setting up one timers. You'll get it. Loom on YouTube for some videos. Those attention hungry idiots love showing off how good they are. Maybe you'll pick up a tip
  • Try playing online seasons instead of CS. You will play against players within a couple divisions as opposed to CS where you match up against anyone
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