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Games don’t count?

I just played my first game of Season 3 in online seasons. Win 5-4. Finished the game, exit to menu, nothing. No record of win, no reward, no points towards division title, but my game counted towards contract expiring. I know that because when I went to play my next game, I had a player with an expired contract that was obviously fine the game before.

So. What’s up? I know I’m screwed for the 1000 coins and everything, but like... does this happen a lot? That’s kind of pathetic that it doesn’t work properly.


  • I am having an issue where my entire round 1 (ranked 900) is not loging in my season rank. It only has my second round games contributing to my season rank. I currently have an open case with EA to rectify this.
  • had this issue last week
  • Lowernu82 wrote: »
    had this issue last week

    whos issue, his or mine?
  • his, after 2 games i didnt play for a few days. this game is really getting under my skin. failed to retrieve data... contracts burning up when no credits are awarded...
  • it happened 3 times in two days. Each time, a black screen at the end of the game like this guy:

  • This game is utterly broken. It just doesn’t work.

    Buying assassins creed and that’ll last until RDR 2 comes out. Screw this game. Had WAY more fun with MLB The Show.
  • ill still play this but not to the extent i have in prior years. by this time last year i had a few 100 games played, weeks spent on AH. now i have like 15 games played and barely anytime on the AH.

    GT sport isnt quite what i expected but enough not to play this game as much, probably for the better too. HUT can be addictive at time and when you have opened a pack in a week, lol, nothing like spending a few bucks to get that fix in.
  • I wonder if it's a disc vs dl deal. My game is just fine
  • I wonder if it's a disc vs dl deal. My game is just fine

    You disk or digital? I’m digital. I had major desync today, though all my games counted.

    The AH is a mess the way out can’t see if you’ve been outbid and you have to literally reload the screen constantly to see. Even then it didn’t work for me once and I lost a bid.

    It’s a shame. I used to really love the NHL series, HUT is just so stale and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference in the cards for me to care. I have one 87 player. That’s it, the rest are 85-86. I’m not spending anything on packs or points to try and get anywhere, the game isn’t worth it.

    I don’t mind the franchise mode, I’m playing that when I want a hockey fix. HUT is a gong show for me.
  • The auction house has been that way for years. Back out and back in when a bid gets down to the end. If you are outbid you have 20 seconds to re bid. It sucks but it is what it is. I have the digital too and do t have many issues. Just a loop every 15 20 games or so.
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