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Line changes?

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Recently I’ve noticed in be a pro that my team won’t do a line changes unless it’s a stoppage of puck or switching from special teams to even strength. I’m not even called to the bench and can play an entire game and will only change lines if I press B. Did the update cause any of this?


  • NHLDev
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    Under your 'Be a Pro Settings' did you happen to change it from 'Authentic' to 'Classic'?
  • @NHLDev

    It is possible he may have done that, but he states that his team never line changes during play, only between whistles. If I recall, in the last gen games prior to NHL 13 you would be responsible for getting off the ice when a line change was called.

    There may be a combination of the switch to "classic" and some AI coaching logic not being executed.
  • Authentic
  • Ok, so I think I found the problem. In my settings in the main menu I switched line changing to manual(when I play online and with friends I prefer this). This carried over to my BAP settings when I started it. Unfortunately I can’t change it and have to start a new one but this was the problem I believe.
  • I am assuming ths happened with a brand new BAP file? Test to see if an existing file will still have this issue or not after making those changes. If so, this is a huge problem that needs to be resolved in a patch.
  • It doesn’t. It only effected the new file that I created after changing it
  • @NHLDev

    Keep this in your records for future reference.
  • NHLDev
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    Thanks for this info. I have made sure to pass it on.
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