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Devs explain this, why do players ignore the puck?

The cpu players on user team.

They skate around, right next to the puck.

The puck is sitting right there, right next to their stick, a few inches away. The cpu players ignore it, instead they skate around doing nothing.

Why does this happen?


  • Yeah, what's the OFFICIAL statement?
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    not 5 characters too short
  • I always wonder that myself. How is it your own AI can have the puck go right to him and they not even make a move for it, but if you go to make a long stretch pass or try to high-dump the puck and the opponent's AI will make a turbo beeline for the puck?
  • Happens on the face-offs a lot too. After the face-off, the puck sits there on the dot and everyone just stares at it. The worst is when the puck comes to the front of your net, and your defender just skates right by it so he can get to the other side. Doesn't even try to pick it up. "EA sports...it used to be in the game"
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