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They need a post of each TOTW, so I know who from the week prior I'm going after (Assuming it works like the milestone where if I open the pack now, best I may get is Doughty).


  • Totw set is current players. It's available all day every day
  • But am I getting players from the week it is or the week before like how Milestone players are?
  • Figuring the players now by how you worded it but rather just clarify.
  • Filterkungen
    129 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    You get the players from the current totw, how hard is that to understand?

    The players shown in team of the week are the ones you get in sets.

    Milestones and prime time are from the week before in sets but totw is the current week, is that clear enough for you?
  • You can learn to not be such a **** over a rather simple question for starters there, tough guy.
  • IAmTheNizz
    194 posts Member
    edited October 2017
    I figured that's what he meant but I just wanted to clarify. Don't get why little children gotta stroll down the internet trying to seem all tough over the keyboard for no apparent reason than to fill their ego.
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