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    What he is trying to say is , EA only cares about the cash they make from HUT packs. If they were going to use that money to make a better game, then I think they forgot. Game has totally gone down hill since they started HUT. Same bugs year after after year. Why isn't that HUT money going into better servers? Maybe every other game wouldn't loop. Why does the AI act like morons? Why can't players pick up the puck? Why do players skate like they have bricks in their pants? It's because they no longer care about making money by putting out a quality product, when they can make more money by selling pretend cards, that have no real value. This is the number one reason that this game is about to die. Buying packs plays right into their laziness. They make money by doing nothing. EA says "Oh look, a player had a good night or hit some milestone. Lets make a 90 overall card. Now we will make another million dollars off of people trying to get the card". But you think that money will go into making a better game? Ha, sounds like some of you need to take a basic business class.

    I've had one game loop. It's extremely rare I disconnect or lag. My players skate fine. Maybe the issue is on your end. Have you done any basic network troubleshooting?

    Lol how many games have you played, one?

    100 or so. I don't know why you're looping so much. Could be related to your internet since it's caused by a desync with the servers.

    I just played a game of EASHL. First game of the day and it looped the last two minutes of the third period THREE TIMES HAHA so I have three video clips from one game alone. I also managed to capture some of the “seamless” puck picks ups. Now, I play hockey in real life and I’m not a pro but I could pick up those pucks with my eyes closed. This is a daily occurance. Here’s a hint: if you are losing, trigger a fight and it will loop back to the previous face off and add that time back onto the clock. Essentially a losing opponent could keep the game going and get try after try. Good thing I’m a beast in net.

    My family is very well connected to our internet provider and I have the best internet you can get. It’s not on my end I know this.
  • Second EASHL. Looped twice added two mins to clock the first time and then the second time it added 30 seconds to the penalty kill time..
  • Only game on live i have problems with. Ive had like 5 or 6 problems and i have perfect connection smh
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