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Franchise mode with latest roster doesn't work

Is there only one roster for Franchise mode? Seems its last year's roster for a default for the Franchise mode. Was waiting for the latest roster update to start a new Franchise but can't find a way to add the latest roster.


  • as in 32nd expansion?
  • The latest roster update doesn't apply to Franchise mode. I chose to play the 31 teams option (just like today's NHL) but when i start i see that the rosters are from last year. Yes i chose the lastest rosters as default.

    Why can't i have the October 31 roster update for Franchise mode?
  • hey koozino74 the only way to get the updated roster working is going classic... So you won't get to start off with the expansion draft for vegas followed by the 2017 NHL draft.
  • Ok ill try thanks
  • Alright it works in classic. I didn't know Vegas was in classic mode. Thought they were in the 31 expansion draft mode only.

    Thanks ACE
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