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Other games to try

See the difference is I kinda saw these kinds of trends happening, not just in ea's games but almost all aaa games. I now almost exclusively play titles developed by small dedicated developers who take time to listen to their fans including those who don't own their games and just watch videos or streams of them.

I've been far happier with my gaming experience since I have done that. Ditching consoles helped too but some games still get frustrating because of their communities.

Could you list some games you really liked? I can't play this game anymore, it's awful.

I tried the new Assassin's Creed to distract me until a patch comes out for '18 (I'm giving them one more patch and then I'm out), but it's the same thing. It looks stunning, but it's boring and plays awkwardly.
Don't Starve
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series
Hotline Miami
Enter the Gungeon
Binding of Isaac
Cities Skylines
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Devil Daggers
Dirt Rally
Gang Beasts
Golf It
Lego Worlds
Nuclear Throne
Oli Oli
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds
Portal 1&2
Postal 2
Prison Architect
Project Cars 2
Red Orchestra 2
Road Redemption
Rocket League
Civilization VI
Speed Runners

Last but definitely not least as it's taking up most of my gaming time lately... Escape from Tarkov.


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