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Having Trouble With HUT Challenges?

Hi there everyone. It seems everyone is having trouble with the PPG and breakaway challenges in Challenges. Well, I decided that I will write down the way I do it and hope others learn.

To draw a penalty, I position lock a forward position. Then what I do is skate around the neutral zone with the puck as a player chases me. As the player is chasing you, what you now want to do is basically keep toe dragging back the puck back if the player on you can't reach it, or hold it backhand when he can't reach it. Once you get it down to a science, you basically just alternate toe drag and holding it backhand as you skate around. As you turn your player, if you do it properly, he will attempt to stick lift you or hook you. It may fail for awhile and he might keep missing both.. but keep at it. That one is tough to explain in words and hope someone read this and caught on.

Now the breakaway challenges. What I do in these is position lock RW (that's me personally.. you can do any position I would assume, but my example will be solely RW because it's the only one I do). I enter the offensive zone on the right hand side. After I do, I use the saucer pass full power so it goes back behind my own net. As you saucer it out, instantly skate back towards your own blue line.. but as you skate back, try to skate more towards the middle to left hand side of the ice (You can flip it if you lock as LW I suppose). As you cross your defensive zone blue line, the goalie will likely have the puck or pass it to a defenseman. As you cross your blue line, take a sharp turn full speed and skate back up the ice on the right hand side. You will then realize the forwards and defenseman all pushed up as the puck is in your defensive zone and gives you a chance if you call for the puck at the right time to be in a breakaway.

I hope this made sense to someone. Next time I gotta do the challenges, I'll make a video if I need to.


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