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6 player ranking leaderboard doesn't work 2 month after release?

I just went through some leaderboards for fun because I was bored and I noticed the 6 player ranking doesn't work at all (This is the ranking for 6v6 with no AI at all) it says rank 1 and 1k CR for every club. The other leaderboards called 6's ranking is just a ranking of all 6's games with or without AI in it.

This is ridiculous nobody noticed and fixed that 2 month after full release...

This is 6-player ranking (look at top left) http://xboxclips.com/Eatchy/screenshots/68e52cd3-e1f5-4f91-a7dc-bddfd3affb25

This is 6's ranking http://xboxclips.com/Eatchy/screenshots/1c40f550-7b2b-411d-8ec0-8defc5399b43
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