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EA Sports did a bad job on EASHL lobby making on NHL 2018

I can't play the game. You get to start like 1 out of 6 attempts at a lobby..

There are trolls too, purposely messing up the lobbies. It is common knowledge on the game that noone is monitoring the issues.

People say they don't get responses from support regarding the issues.

Also the menus for 1v1 are un manageable. Good luck finding where to start a game let alone an opponent.

The in-game play is great as usual.


  • Make it so when in the lobby rooms almost full you can either press button captain to extend till rooms full but auto starts if they don’t push to give more time. I hate going in a lobby waiting for two people to complete 6v6 and it falls like a deck of cards and everyone leaves. Some nights I spend more time in lobby than gaming
  • Need to go back to lobbies they had in 2009 till 2012 where you make the room and people come in. The person who made the room decides when match starts.
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