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I have made my mind. This is the last nhl that i buy in full price. Second hand product in futere. Allways.
And this is the last HUT where i put money. Okay. I have not put much and its okay sometimes put euro or two.
But lag in this version is unreal.
There is no problem with my interner connection. That is sure.
This NHL 18 have HUGE problems with this.
And its getting me very angry because i like this game mode, but playing is lottery.
Some players might get use to play with lag.
I dont and i dont want to.
I dont have to.


  • This lag is insane. Here in finland after 8 pm i have played 10 games. ALL with terrible lag.
    I have checked my connection and its perfect.
    Why the hell i should buy packs with money or coins because it doesnt matter if i have superstars or overal 40 players. Game is unplayable.
  • preach bro. Im on east coast . Lag evehryday.
  • If the connection isn't green, leave. If the intro looks choppy, leave.
  • Sometimes connection is full green and its just a wicked delay... brutes EA
  • Yes and many many times lag starts when game has started.
  • FrankiePuxU
    107 posts Member
    edited November 2017
    It actually seems like EA has given up on trying to correct the lag issue. All they seem interested in putting out more packs for noobs and rubes to purchase. I bought the game and had an idea that gameplay was going to be like this. So me and a good friend of mine said we weren't going to support EA and the money hungry man any longer. Lol. We haven't bought a pack with real $$ yet. I play challenges all the time now and built a great team. I have been tempted many times to buy packs then I tell myself to stop this isn't real.. and it works.
    Anyway. I hope EA takes a hint and fixes this atrocious **** hockey game for online play.
  • Noobs and rubes. Sounds like a 90s rap duo
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