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When is the next patch?

Any speculation on how long we need to wait for the next patch?

Biggest issue that requires fixing asap is the return of the faceoff loop. Time being added back on the clock. Goals not counting. Fighting penalties being forgotten.

This is a major game breaking issue that isn't getting dealt with.


  • I remember back in either 12 or 13 my team would just flat refuse to fight because of the issues it would cause.
  • gundamfreedomx
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    -give penalties to people who initiate pokechecks from behind

    -faster gamespeed to encourage quicker decisions

    -fix the beyblade spin when picking up a loose puck

    -picking up the puck( seamless puck pickups)

    -speed up right stick movement

    -better agility for defense, which encourages angling the player to the boards

    -raise the the checking attribute on the power forward and enforcer( hitting is pointless currently)

    -lower the team to team collisions

    - dumb down ai in hut/versus (skillzoning)

    - speed up goalie movement from side to side

    - take out the auto animation for blocking shots out of the game

    - raise the acceleration on all the builds in eashl

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  • September 2018.
  • Isn’t this the time they go on a month vacation lol
  • Swoops--73 wrote: »
    Isn’t this the time they go on a month vacation lol

    Have to celebrate making a great game

  • these faceoff loops are ruining this game. The product itself is decent but theres too many game breaking errors. I really dont understand how a company can release a product so unfinished. Our hard earned money means nothing to EA, we`re the ones that make sure they still have a job do to us paying for the game each and every year but yet we get treated like garbage with game modes that have 1 issue after another.

    I used to give EA an additional $200 on top of the game sale playing HUT but this year that mode is so broken so boring to play that i havent even played 7 games. If it wasnt for me enjoying the LG & VG 6v6 leagues i wouldnt even turn this game on anymore
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