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3 on 3 OT

I know this has been a problem in the past, but why does the game continue to put wingers as centers in OT? Not sure if it's just me or what it is. It also happens on the PK on occasion where it sticks a winger at center.


  • The only time I find it puts a winger at C on the PK is if your C is in the box.

    3 on 3, I think it puts out your highest rated FWD on the line you select. That player will be swapped out for another player with more energy, from the same line, unless you select a different line on the next draw.
    Miss putting my HUT team here....
  • I've seen it put a winger as my 1st PK line center when I have my designated center on the bench.. then next whistle, he's the center again.

    And that actually is the stupidest thing. So at least, I'm not alone.
  • 10 years running have 4 on 4 lines had the winger lined up at center. Feedback ignored.
  • It is kinda silly and seems like it would be easy to fix.
  • Its obvious to me by now, that in game changes and things of that nature are not in hut. I have no idea why.
  • Would be cool if we could adjust the 3v3 lines honestly
  • I agree. Feel like that can't be hard to program.
  • I believe you can still do it in franchise mode. But they've never had it in hut.

    It would be so cool to set them. You could roll out you're 3 best players on 1 line.
  • I feel like your 3 man PK unit would also work.
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